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Featured ImageThis section includes information about inclusion, elementary and secondary schooling, and college and postsecondary options for students with Down syndrome.

  1. Education & Down Syndrome

    Education & Down SyndromeThis section provides an overview and a number of resources for further research on the topic of education and Down syndrome.

  2. Schooling from Preschool to Age 21

    Schooling from Preschool to Age 21A discussion of federal education laws and the Individualized Education Plan process for elementary and secondary students.

  3. Implementing Inclusion

    Implementing InclusionThe practice of welcoming, valuing, empowering and supporting diverse academic and social learning among students of all abilities is called inclusion.

  4. College & Postsecondary Options

    College & Postsecondary OptionsThere are more and more individuals with Down syndrome pursuing postsecondary education after high school.

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