DK Arts

Dylan Kuehl is sole proprietor of DK Arts and a life-long resident of Olympia, Washington. An ambitious visual and performing artist, Dylan’s vision for DK Arts includes establishing an integrated dance company that features dancers with mixed abilities who collaborate as equals in the creation of dance. Check out DK Arts for beautiful cards and prints featuring beautiful designs by Dylan.

Dusty’s Puppets

Dusty Dutton, 44, is a talented and experienced entertainer. She has Down syndrome, and uses her unique sense of humor to bring her hand puppets to life. She has formal training in working with young children, and never fails to bring smiles to their faces. Dusty has been in business as a puppeteer and puppet retailer for 14 years! She is a member of the Puppeteers of America and the San Francisco Bay Area Puppetry Guild.


You can make a difference in someone’s life by offering encouraging words, but sometimes the words don’t come easily. Let us help. My cards are about my life and experiences. My company, Inspires2Aspire, wants to inspire others, including individuals with disabilities and their families by seeing that they can do great things.

Jasmine’s Banner Co.

Jasmine’s Banner Company was designed because of the tremendous need for young adults with special needs to have a place of steady work. Every banner you purchase online, every party you host and every dollar you spend with us helps provide that steady work.

River Bend Gallery

Geoffrey Mikol is a professional artist that owns River Bend Gallery with his family, in historic Galena, Illinois. As a person born with Down syndrome, Geoffrey has found a special connection with photography as a means of expressing himself. His artwork is stunning and often technically difficult, catching elusive light that the eye sees but that cameras often miss.

Just Charlie French

Hello! My name is Charlie French. Yes, I have Down syndrome, but I don’t want to talk about that. I don’t want you to see that. I want you to see me, Charlie French. Just Charlie French. Then I want you to see my ART! I am an artist, an abstract artist. I have my very own art studio in Dallas, Texas. I use my imagination to be FREE, and paint whatever I feel like painting.

allie art

allie art is the colorful creation of Allie Guard, a young woman with Down syndrome from Cincinnati who is drawn to the magic of color. She fills intricate patterns with bright hues to create graphic landscapes, each with unique qualities of movement and emotion. After completing a design, the artwork is either framed for display, turned into wearable art in jewelry and accessories, or added to usable items.

Imperfect Creations

Hello and welcome to Imperfect Creations. I have been making quilts and other sewing crafts for over five years. I decided that I wanted to sell them and raise awareness for individuals with disabilities. Here you will find all kinds of quilts and many one of a kind handmade creations. I hope you find what you are looking for or become inspired.

Anna’s Art

Anna is a unique & gifted young lady pursuing her passion. Creating life expressions we can all relate to represented on canvas, paper and card stock. Check out the many different cards at Anna’s Art including the Assortment of Animal Cards and the many different cards featuring flowers!


Art truly captured Sophia’s imagination and become her heart-felt and focused way to express herself. Through camps and classes, she has worked in painting, drawing and pottery. She especially loves Chinese watercolor painting. She brings an infectious sense of joy, humor and exuberance to life and to her art, which can be found through sophiola.

Beauty and Wellness

K Bee Candles

Hi! I’m Kayla, the proud owner of K Bee Candles. All candles are handmade by me in my home kitchen. My candles are made in small batches using 100% pure beeswax pellets. My beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic, great for people with allergies. Beeswax candles are the perfect choice for those of us who want a clean burning candle in our home. Please look around and let me create a wonderful candle specially made for you!

Something Extra Candles

Something Extra Candle Productions was developed to offer candle lovers peace and solitude one candle at time. We are Tiej and Ryan. We would like people to know we are more similar to others than different and are learning more and more about candles each day by trying different kinds of wax, melting techniques and taking classes.

Clothing and Accessories

Dance Happy Designs

Dance Happy Designs was founded in 2016 by Julia, Liv, and Emily: three friends on a mission to empower others and celebrate differences. Dance Happy is a silkscreen print studio located outside the city of Philadelphia, PA, which produces handcrafted textile products featuring their original patterns. From hand-cutting patterns to printing fabric to sewing products, everything at Dance Happy is done by hand and with a whole lot of love.

H-Bomb Ties

H-Bomb Ties is a clothing brand inspired by Harrison (aka H-Bomb) that specializes in fun bow ties and neck ties for children and adults. Harrison, who has Down Syndrome and Autism, is a fun loving, energetic, personable, hardworking, fashion forward boy from Ohio. Harrison helps pick styles, test products, and occasional personally delivers orders accompanied with a fist-bump.

John’s Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son social enterprise inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks.” We’re on a mission to spread happiness. We have socks you can love with the widest array of fun, unique and beautifully designed socks that let you express your passion and personality.

Teddy’s Ts

Welcome to Teddy’s Ts! Here you’ll find T-shirts and buttons that let you express how you feel about justice, peace, and civil rights for everyone, but especially for people with disabilities. Look over the designs – you’re sure to find a message that touches your heart, and that you want to wear with pride.


I want the world to know that having Down syndrome isn’t that big of a deal. I design every shirt with a message, and It’s my message. Nobody tells me what to say on my shirts. Let’s all laugh, because that’s my favorite thing, and I bet its your favorite thing too. Let your shirt speak for you. It’s about the positive message and shouting your value because you belong. You rock!

Special Sparkle

Kelly is a young lady with Down syndrome and this company was created to assist Kelly in leading a fulfilled and productive life after school came to an end for her. She loves fashion, style and bling, so what better way to express that than to create fashionable jewelry! Special Sparkle is a mother/daughter team where we work together to design and Kelly makes all the jewelry!

No Rulz Art

No Rulz Art was created to provide a social and recreational atmosphere for persons with differing abilities to have an outlet for creativity while gaining meaningful employment. With each artist as a business stakeholder, we are committed to demonstrating that everyone is capable of contributing when given the opportunity. Our extensive inventory of tie-dye apparel ensures that we have the perfect tie-dye garment to showcase your personality.

Candidly Kind

Grace Key is the creator of Candidly Kind. She’s a 21 year old entrepreneur who has used writing, drawing and painting throughout her life to express herself. She began painting a few years ago and started pairing her “Grace phrases” with her original paintings and printing them on shirts. With that, “candidly kind” was formed.

Queen Semone

Queen Semone Jewelry represents Down syndrome and is home made with the help of a person with Down syndrome. This company is owned by an entrepreneur with Down syndrome . Please check out our website for our collection of jewelry and other products!

Group Hug Apparel

With the help of our family, Andrew has started his own t-shirt company called Group Hug Apparel and each item has one of Andrew’s cool designs on them. Group Hug Apparel sells popular tees, hoodies, and other cool items at a slew of events, festivals, and charity fundraisers (and world wide through the GHA web store) with a portion of the proceeds donated to many important charities and community organizations.

Food and Beverage

Collettey’s Cookies

With every cookie sale Collettey’s has, Collette is one step closer to offering yet another employment opportunity in her company. The famous Amazing Cookie has been called the best cookie of all time by many. Flavored with chocolate and cinnamon, this soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside cookie will have you wanting more. You will surely become a regular customer, and perhaps join the cookie club.

Furnace Hills Coffee

We were founded in 2010, and are a gourmet specialty coffee business located in the Furnace Hills of Westminster, Maryland. Every day, we fulfill our customers wishes by supplying them with freshly roasted bags of specialty coffee and delivering it right to their doorsteps.

Austin’s Underdawgs

Austin is serving up custom Dawgs. These are not your everyday hot dogs, but an Austin’s Underdawg! Your guests will experience love at first bite! Advocacy, awareness, inclusion, independence and a living wage is within reach in your community. Investing in an Underdawg’s Franchise is the first step to meaningful self-employment for your family member.

Matthew’s Bonfire BBQ

The spark that ignites the fire is Chef Matthew himself. Having Down syndrome has never stopped him from doing anything he sets his mind out to do. With an instinctive love of cooking since childhood and training at the award-winning Haywood Smokehouse in North Carolina during college, Matthew was inspired to launch his first line of barbecue sauces – Carolina Gold and Blueberry Chipotle.

Poppin Joe’s

Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn was established to show that Joe Steffy, a young man with autism and Down syndrome, is able to work. He is the CEO of this popular business that gives him an opportunity to do a variety of tasks he can chose between while at work each day. The business sells fresh popped kettle korn at festivals, and in local retail outlets.


HÆRFEST COFFEE Roasting Co. is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster who supplies exceptional coffee from around the world to restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Wholesale packages can be custom created to include store build out consulting, equipment packages, on site training, and private label branding. Every aspect of the company was intentionally created to provide a job opportunity for those with a disability.

Down for Doughnuts

One night at dinner we were talking about what kind of business we should have & out of the blue Zach said “I want a doughnut shop.” From that night on, we knew that one day we were going to have a doughnut shop. Down for Doughnuts offers doughnuts, muffins, coffee & other assorted foods & drinks. We have a relationship with a world class coffee company that sets us apart from all others.

Gabi’s Grounds

Gabi’s Grounds is an advocate for the value, inclusion, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We promote equal access to persons with disabilities in our workplace. We create market value that includes everyone in an enriched community while providing great coffee and a unique customer service experience.

Pet Supplies

Woofles & Biscuits

Woofles & Biscuits is about organic ingredients, our canine friends, and a young woman named Ashley who uses her abilities to overcome disabilities. We pride ourselves on baking delicious biscuits, made with exceptional ingredients, that your dogs will love. Compare our ingredients labels and guaranteed analysis to other biscuits. You will see the difference. And your dogs will taste the difference!

Doggy Delights by Allison

Doggy Delights is a perfect business for Allison because she can spend time in the kitchen producing the treats. She uses her organizational skills in preparing the packaging for the treats and doing the business end of things. Promoting her business and selling the treats gets her out into the community meeting people and their dogs

Gracie’s Doggie Delights

Gracie’s Doggie Delights is operated by an enterprising young woman with Down syndrome who loves dogs. These are her dog’s favorites and we hope they will your pet’s favorites too. Her Doggie Delights are made with just ONE ingredient. Freeze dried USDA inspected meat. No additives. No chemicals. The high value dog treat you’ve been looking for.