DK Arts

Dylan Kuehl is sole proprietor of DK Arts and a life-long resident of Olympia, Washington. An ambitious visual and performing artist, Dylan’s vision for DK Arts includes establishing an integrated dance company that features dancers with mixed abilities who collaborate as equals in the creation of dance. Check out DK Arts for beautiful cards and prints featuring beautiful designs by Dylan.

Dusty’s Puppets

Dusty Dutton, 44, is a talented and experienced entertainer. She has Down syndrome, and uses her unique sense of humor to bring her hand puppets to life. She has formal training in working with young children, and never fails to bring smiles to their faces. Dusty has been in business as a puppeteer and puppet retailer for 14 years! She is a member of the Puppeteers of America and the San Francisco Bay Area Puppetry Guild.


You can make a difference in someone’s life by offering encouraging words, but sometimes the words don’t come easily. Let us help. My cards are about my life and experiences. My company, Inspires2Aspire, wants to inspire others, including individuals with disabilities and their families by seeing that they can do great things.

Jasmine’s Banner Co.

Jasmine’s Banner Company was designed because of the tremendous need for young adults with special needs to have a place of steady work. Every banner you purchase online, every party you host and every dollar you spend with us helps provide that steady work.

River Bend Gallery

Geoffrey Mikol is a professional artist that owns River Bend Gallery with his family, in historic Galena, Illinois. As a person born with Down syndrome, Geoffrey has found a special connection with photography as a means of expressing himself. His artwork is stunning and often technically difficult, catching elusive light that the eye sees but that cameras often miss.

Just Charlie French

Charlie is an intuitive abstract artist who embraces a blank canvas as an imaginative adventure. He has studied painting in London, Santa Fe and Dallas, and has sold art to private and corporate collectors around the world. Charlie finds great joy in painting, and hopes his art makes others happy too.

allie art

allie art is the colorful creation of Allie Guard, a young woman with Down syndrome from Cincinnati who is drawn to the magic of color. She fills intricate patterns with bright hues to create graphic landscapes, each with unique qualities of movement and emotion. After completing a design, the artwork is either framed for display, turned into wearable art in jewelry and accessories, or added to usable items.

Imperfect Creations

Hello and welcome to Imperfect Creations. I have been making quilts and other sewing crafts for over five years. I decided that I wanted to sell them and raise awareness for individuals with disabilities. Here you will find all kinds of quilts and many one of a kind handmade creations. I hope you find what you are looking for or become inspired.

Anna’s Art

Anna is a unique & gifted young lady pursuing her passion. Creating life expressions we can all relate to represented on canvas, paper and card stock. Check out the many different cards at Anna’s Art including the Assortment of Animal Cards and the many different cards featuring flowers!


Art truly captured Sophia’s imagination and become her heart-felt and focused way to express herself. Through camps and classes, she has worked in painting, drawing and pottery. She especially loves Chinese watercolor painting. She brings an infectious sense of joy, humor and exuberance to life and to her art, which can be found through sophiola.

If You Had Wings

Welcome to If You Had Wings, where we’re building more than birdhouses. (Truth be told, though, we spend a good bit of time doing just that.) We’re also building on the goal of the Todd Family of Virginia Beach to “Do Good Things.” Whether that means supporting non-profit organizations with donations we receive, celebrating the gifts of our loved ones with disabilities or encouraging collaboration, we’re all in.

Troy Made It

Troy, a potter who was born with Down syndrome hand makes each piece of pottery, sometimes with a little help from his mom. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each item will be donated to Ruby’s Rainbow and other non-profit organizations that are making the world a better place. We’re so excited to offer his one of kind pottery pieces to you!

Nate’s Funky Pics

Nate’s Funky Pics sells his photos at numerous markets and craft fairs in the suburban Philadelphia region. He posts these photos on his social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) and his Etsy store where he sells the prints. Nate has won awards for his photography including the 2017 Perspective Award from the Down Syndrome Association in London, England. Nate donates a portion of his sales to PALS Programs – the summer camp that he has attended since he was 15.

All Abilities Art

All Abilities Art envisions itself as a business outlet to help Tavrick and other creatively inclined people to be part of the larger artistic and business world. Other artists will be encouraged to join this enterprise and will be able to earn an income in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. We are exploring working with international disability organizations in developing countries. Tavrick uses his many artistic skills to envision and produce one of a kind hand-painted watercolor and mixed-media greeting cards.

GracePlace Art

Grace is a young lady who loves art. After getting her first big girl desk at eight years old, Grace started spending more and more time pursuing this passion. Since then, art has become therapeutic for her; a safe space for self expression and a technique to help her navigate emotions. GracePlace Art was created to give Grace a platform through which she could share her art, and her story with the world. Her hope is to empower the Down syndrome and special needs communities, inspiring people of all abilities to follow their dreams, no matter how wild.

Zoie’s Art 21

Zoie’s ART-21 is an online business featuring a collection of vibrant printed inspired and painted by Zoie. Zoie’s paintings are an external expression of her inward sense of her inward sense of Joy. Her enthusiasm for color is a direct reflection of the happiness she exudes along with a genuine hope that her Art elicits those same feelings of happiness in the world around her.

Downs & Towns, LLC

Houston Vandergriff is a globe-trotting photographer. His award winning photography has been showcased in solo shows, galleries, juried competitions, and in arts and travel magazines. His fine art prints and photo-related merchandise are for sale on his website. You can follow his adventures on Instagram and TikTok @downsandtowns.

Cheetah Greetings

Katie Lowe created Cheetah Greetings because she enjoys making cards and making people happy. Katie likes to make personalized cards for family and wanted todo it for her business. Her cards are made by using patterned card stock, stamping, and specialized crafting machines-like the Cricut Joy™️. Katie welcomes special requests and personalized special orders.


Are you looking for a DJ? I’m DJ Joe and I’m your guy – Let me bring my love of music, dancing but most of all fun, to your next event. Corporate Events, Birthday Party, Dances, any Celebration – I’ll get the party started and keep it going. I provide everything you need for a memorable event; Professional Lighting, Sound System, Personalized Playlists, but most of FUN. So… Hit Me Up and Let’s Party!!

Emmett Kyoshi Art

Emmett Kyoshi Wilson is an abstract artist, primarily painting in acrylic mixed media. Since age four, Emmett has created over 80 pieces which have been featured in three gallery showings over the last three years, including a commission to paint the American Flag for the American Embassy in Croatia. His internationally acclaimed art is available for purchase as originals, signed giclée prints and into wearable art with hoodies, blankets and tee shirts.

This is Jacob

Jacob is an advocate for the Down syndrome community who creates awesome, hand-painted doormats and apparel. Jacob started making doormats for his family as a hobby and had so many requests he decided to turn my hobby into a business! He wants to show that people with Down syndrome can do anything. 

Beth Ann Margolis

Beth Anna Margolis (b.1971) is a painter and a poet and has been creating art for over 25 years. Her new book, “Paintings of My Life”, offers an incredible insight on Beth Anna’s world view, nurtured by her personal experiences and gifts of creativity. Her colorful pastel and watercolor paintings, and her thoughtful prose, reflect Beth’s bright personality, her sense of humor, and her love of nature.


Travis Gunther lives in Plymouth, WI. He has been creating works of art since he first held a pencil. Travis enjoys classic TV and movies because they give him lots of ideas. Most of all, he love my family and friends and wants his art to give you joy, and cheer up your day.

Beauty and Wellness

K Bee Candles

Hi! I’m Kayla, the proud owner of K Bee Candles. All candles are handmade by me in my home kitchen. My candles are made in small batches using 100% pure beeswax pellets. My beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic, great for people with allergies. Beeswax candles are the perfect choice for those of us who want a clean burning candle in our home. Please look around and let me create a wonderful candle specially made for you!

Something Extra Candles

Something Extra Candle Productions was developed to offer candle lovers peace and solitude one candle at time. We are Tiej and Ryan. We would like people to know we are more similar to others than different and are learning more and more about candles each day by trying different kinds of wax, melting techniques and taking classes.

April’s Cottage Soaps

Hello, I am an artist/soap maker living in in Ohio. About six years ago I began making goat milk and shey butter melt and pour soaps for my family and gifts. I loved painting the soaps and using the herbs from my garden. The essential oils smell great too. I really enjoy making personal soaps for our friends special occasions. Come check out April’s Cottage Soaps at my online store!

Project GOAT – Organic Soap

Zach loves science and working with his hands. With everyone “washing their hands”, Zach and his mom (who works in health care) created the recipes for soothing, organic, artisan goat milk and honey soaps. Handmade in small batches- from Zachary’s hands to yours.

Two Fresh Brothers

We are Malachi and Elijah the owners and creators of Two Fresh Brothers. Together we make delicious smelling air fresheners, in cool shapes, called freshies. While having fun we are learning valuable skills, laying the groundwork to a life full of our choosing.

Clothing and Accessories

Dance Happy Designs

Dance Happy Designs was founded in 2016 by Julia, Liv, and Emily: three friends on a mission to empower others and celebrate differences. Dance Happy is a silkscreen print studio located outside the city of Philadelphia, PA, which produces handcrafted textile products featuring their original patterns. From hand-cutting patterns to printing fabric to sewing products, everything at Dance Happy is done by hand and with a whole lot of love.

H-Bomb Ties

H-Bomb Ties is a clothing brand inspired by Harrison (aka H-Bomb) that specializes in fun bow ties and neck ties for children and adults. Harrison, who has Down Syndrome and Autism, is a fun loving, energetic, personable, hardworking, fashion forward boy from Ohio. Harrison helps pick styles, test products, and occasional personally delivers orders accompanied with a fist-bump.

John’s Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son social enterprise inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks.” We’re on a mission to spread happiness. We have socks you can love with the widest array of fun, unique and beautifully designed socks that let you express your passion and personality.

Teddy’s Ts

Welcome to Teddy’s Ts! Here you’ll find T-shirts and buttons that let you express how you feel about justice, peace, and civil rights for everyone, but especially for people with disabilities. Look over the designs – you’re sure to find a message that touches your heart, and that you want to wear with pride.


I want the world to know that having Down syndrome isn’t that big of a deal. I design every shirt with a message, and It’s my message. Nobody tells me what to say on my shirts. Let’s all laugh, because that’s my favorite thing, and I bet its your favorite thing too. Let your shirt speak for you. It’s about the positive message and shouting your value because you belong. You rock!

Special Sparkle

Kelly is a young lady with Down syndrome and this company was created to assist Kelly in leading a fulfilled and productive life after school came to an end for her. She loves fashion, style and bling, so what better way to express that than to create fashionable jewelry! Special Sparkle is a mother/daughter team where we work together to design and Kelly makes all the jewelry!

No Rulz Art

No Rulz Art was created to provide a social and recreational atmosphere for persons with differing abilities to have an outlet for creativity while gaining meaningful employment. With each artist as a business stakeholder, we are committed to demonstrating that everyone is capable of contributing when given the opportunity. Our extensive inventory of tie-dye apparel ensures that we have the perfect tie-dye garment to showcase your personality.

Candidly Kind

Grace Key is the creator of Candidly Kind. She’s a 21 year old entrepreneur who has used writing, drawing and painting throughout her life to express herself. She began painting a few years ago and started pairing her “Grace phrases” with her original paintings and printing them on shirts. With that, “candidly kind” was formed.

Queen Semone

Queen Semone Jewelry represents Down syndrome and is home made with the help of a person with Down syndrome. This company is owned by an entrepreneur with Down syndrome . Please check out our website for our collection of jewelry and other products!

Group Hug Apparel

With the help of our family, Andrew has started his own t-shirt company called Group Hug Apparel and each item has one of Andrew’s cool designs on them. Group Hug Apparel sells popular tees, hoodies, and other cool items at a slew of events, festivals, and charity fundraisers (and world wide through the GHA web store) with a portion of the proceeds donated to many important charities and community organizations.

Sparkles by Maxine

Maxine creates beautiful headbands by hand, putting love and her signature #Sparkles into every piece. Each artisan headband is a one-of-a-kind statement piece and by purchasing from Maxine, you make a statement, too. Wearing your Sparkles by Maxine headband shows you believe in the talent and value of people with disabilities

Angel Babies Boutique

Angel Babies Boutique is inspired to bring more awareness to the Down Syndrome community. This Boutique will delivery limited time only designer T-shirts, Hats and Paintings. Thank you in advance for spreading more awareness and shopping here at Angel Babies Boutique.

Loomed with Love

Loomed with Love is a small business in which Victoria handcrafts meaningful loom products including bracelets and keychains. With over 11 colors, 12 meaningful word charms, and a variety of designs, the possibilities to customize a product you can call your own are endless. Victoria hopes to inspire individuals to uniquely express themselves while contributing to non-profit organizations. She hopes people love her special creations just as much as she loves making them!

Precious Kreations, Inc.

Precious Kreations, Inc. was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Precious who happens to have Down syndrome and her mother. PK offers fashionable jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, charms and bracelets  wearable by children and adults. In addition a full jewelry collection, t-shirts, hair accessories and more. Precious is a Diva Fashionista shouting  “Just because you have a disAbility; does not mean you can’t be stylish”.

Kendall Crochets Hats

Kendall, 22, loves to crochet hats! She began making hats several years ago as gifts, but once her inventory grew so large, she decided to open an Etsy shop and have her own business. She creates beautiful color combinations, each as unique and special as she is. Her favorite part of being an Internet Businesswoman is shipping the hats to her customers. She takes great pride in knowing that what she has made will make someone very happy!

Raquel Beautiful

I started Raquel Beautiful to inspire others to value others and themselves! I make hand created and custom designed jewelry and t-shirts, each with a special note that says “You are beautiful!” When you purchase an item from me, a portion of the proceeds goes to provide inspirational items for those that are struggling with challenges and to benefit charitable organizations.

Mallory Paige Designs

At Mallory Paige Designs, all our designs are made with 100% real leather and are handcrafted by someone with a “different ability” as well as someone who loves them. You’ll find the initials serve as authenticity of who directly benefits from your purchase. You can confidently wear our designs knowing they were lovingly designed and created by the hands of someone who loves what they do.

Olivia’s Bow of the Day

Olivia’s Bow of the Day was created to uplift and inspire children to be the best versions of themselves through our fabulous bows. Each and every one of our bows is handmade with love, and packaged with care, to have the utmost satisfaction by the children who wear them. We are a Los Angeles based small business with the desire to sell bows that fit your unique style. We guarantee you will find something you love on our website, so check us out!

Ashley by Design

Ashley by Design, a clothing line by fashionista Ashley DeRamus and her mother Connie, seeks to provide clothing for the fashion forward young lady with Down syndrome. Ashley has Down syndrome and knows how challenging it can be to find fashionable clothing that fits. Ashley by Design was born to address these needs and to help every young woman with Down syndrome feel beautiful!

Embrace Marketplace

Embrace Marketplace is an e-commerce store led by Ashlee Crater that will feature apparel and handmade creations made by people with disabilities. The mission is to celebrate and highlight the strengths that people with intellectual and or/developmental disabilities bring to their communities by offering opportunities for entrepreneurship or meaningful employment

Trista’s Sunshine Company

Trista Kutcher started Trista’s Sunshine Company in 2019 as a hobby but it quickly grew to a business model that lives both online and in stores in the Charleston area. Trista’s product line has grown to include Trista totes, beach bags, Charleston fabric baskets, headbands, scrunchies, bowties, and baby burping cloths among many other items. Trista’s main message is that she wants everyone to “be someone’s sunshine” and spread happiness and now she does that through her love and talent as a sewing artist and business owner.

The Spotlight Project

The Spotlight Project is a bracelet company with the mission of raising employment for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. They aim to shine a light on their amazing talents and positive contributions to the workforce, with the goal of inspiring other companies to follow in our footsteps. 

Food and Beverage

Collettey’s Cookies

With every cookie sale Collettey’s has, Collette is one step closer to offering yet another employment opportunity in her company. The famous Amazing Cookie has been called the best cookie of all time by many. Flavored with chocolate and cinnamon, this soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside cookie will have you wanting more. You will surely become a regular customer, and perhaps join the cookie club.

Furnace Hills Coffee

We were founded in 2010, and are a gourmet specialty coffee business located in the Furnace Hills of Westminster, Maryland. Every day, we fulfill our customers wishes by supplying them with freshly roasted bags of specialty coffee and delivering it right to their doorsteps.

Austin’s Underdawgs

Austin is serving up custom Dawgs. These are not your everyday hot dogs, but an Austin’s Underdawg! Your guests will experience love at first bite! Advocacy, awareness, inclusion, independence and a living wage is within reach in your community. Investing in an Underdawg’s Franchise is the first step to meaningful self-employment for your family member.

Matthew’s Bonfire BBQ

The spark that ignites the fire is Chef Matthew himself. Having Down syndrome has never stopped him from doing anything he sets his mind out to do. With an instinctive love of cooking since childhood and training at the award-winning Haywood Smokehouse in North Carolina during college, Matthew was inspired to launch his first line of barbecue sauces – Carolina Gold and Blueberry Chipotle.

Poppin Joe’s

Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn was established to show that Joe Steffy, a young man with autism and Down syndrome, is able to work. He is the CEO of this popular business that gives him an opportunity to do a variety of tasks he can chose between while at work each day. The business sells fresh popped kettle korn at festivals, and in local retail outlets.


HÆRFEST COFFEE Roasting Co. is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster who supplies exceptional coffee from around the world to restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Wholesale packages can be custom created to include store build out consulting, equipment packages, on site training, and private label branding. Every aspect of the company was intentionally created to provide a job opportunity for those with a disability.

Down for Doughnuts

One night at dinner we were talking about what kind of business we should have & out of the blue Zach said “I want a doughnut shop.” From that night on, we knew that one day we were going to have a doughnut shop. Down for Doughnuts offers doughnuts, muffins, coffee & other assorted foods & drinks. We have a relationship with a world class coffee company that sets us apart from all others.

Gabi’s Grounds

Gabi’s Grounds is an advocate for the value, inclusion, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We promote equal access to persons with disabilities in our workplace. We create market value that includes everyone in an enriched community while providing great coffee and a unique customer service experience.

Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates

Guilt-free chocolate was once just a dream for lovers of sweetness everywhere, but with Cameron’s Chocolates it is here! Our remarkable chocolates are made with love and devotion by a wonderful group of young adults and volunteers. Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates offers an early morning array of coffee drinks, tea and freshly baked pastries made and baked in our own kitchen.

4 Coffee and Grace

Through Dreamers Merchant Coffee, Grace will have the opportunity to learn independence, self confidence, and to empower herself to be included in society. 4 Coffee and Grace features three Organic, Rain Forest Certified, Fair Trade Dreamers blends which are available both group or whole bean. Visit our website for our coffees, teas and other amazing products!

Texas Sweet Heat Jam Co.

Nolan is the creator of Texas Sweet Heat Jam Co. a hot market innovation comprised of his own homegrown peppers and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise. His hot pepper jelly is a result of years of practice and parental attention paid to his talent and special interest in gardening and cooking. Our jams are made from natural, local ingredients. No preservatives, no added chemicals or colors – just pure real food.

Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company

Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company began when Diane Grover learned of the low rate of employment of individuals with a disability. In hopes of creating a job for her daughter, Mary Ellen, Diane started a coffee company. Today Dreamers can be found in many states and growing. Every purchase allows us to hire individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment. Try all three of our Specialty Grade Dreamers Blend Coffees!

Sweet Jordan’s LLC

Sweet Jordan’s is a Bakery, Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee Shop that employs 28 other individuals like Jordan. We make homemade ice cream, and baked goodies from recipes passed down from many generations.

Spencer’s Place

Spencer’s Place is an Inclusive coffee shop designed to employ Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Spencer’s Place creates jobs that align with each individual’s ability. We provide opportunities to earn a paycheck, build relationships, gain a sense of purpose and show the community the beauty of diversity and inclusion.

Kristina’s Grinds & Grace

Kristina’s Grind & Grace offers coffee, pastries, and a moment of respite from a hectic day. Serving coffee and confections, with a side of grace, by truly exceptional staff. The next time you need to add some caffeine and a heavy dose of sweetness to your afternoon, stop by and see Kristina in full bloom.

Blake’s Snow Shack

It started with snow cones. Then it snowballed. Blake Pyron rolled up his sleeves, stocked up on syrup and opened Blake’s Snow Shack for business in 2015. Blake’s inspirational story has gone worldwide, with national and international press establishing the Snow Shack as a can’t-miss stop on any Texas tour. After all, it serves up two amazing things: crazy delicious snow cones and Blake’s million-dollar smile.

Kindness Cafe + Play

Kindness Cafe + Play is a nonprofit coffee shop that employs adults with cognitive disabilities while creating a joyful, inclusive community space. We offer a wide variety of locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks and delicious baked goods. Located in the lobby of the YMCA in Charlottesville, VA, we’re excited to be challenging perceptions while creating meaningful connections.

A Little Something Extra

A Little Something Extra was created in 2018, by Anthony and Michelle Norwood, so their son Hunter could have an employment opportunity. Today, there are more than 20 young adults who are trained ice cream experts and work alongside Hunter. A Little Something Extra Ice Cream is truly changing the world one ice cream at a time!

Hand in Hand Coffee Company

We are a family run business wanting to grow and employ other adults with special needs. We offer ordering delicious, locally roasted coffee online and delivered to your doorstep every month. Inclusion Brew is a light and medium roast blend, we have medium and dark roast as well. Whole bean or ground. DRINK COFFEE. DO GOOD.

The Fry Guy

Owner and entrepreneur, Ronnie Brown, brings to the table his intoxicating affinity for fries, fries and more fries! Using his crafted technique to create his personal favorite buffalo fries to queso fries, pizza fries, jalapeno popper fries and other slices of gourmet fried heaven, Ronnie’s serving up the richest flavors. As an added bonus, he armed foodies with sauces for every tongue’s taste – be it sweet, spicy, classic savory or a walk on the wild side. THE FRY GUY has the sauce!

Pet Supplies

Woofles & Biscuits

Woofles & Biscuits is about organic ingredients, our canine friends, and a young woman named Ashley who uses her abilities to overcome disabilities. We pride ourselves on baking delicious biscuits, made with exceptional ingredients, that your dogs will love. Compare our ingredients labels and guaranteed analysis to other biscuits. You will see the difference. And your dogs will taste the difference!

Doggy Delights by Allison

Doggy Delights is a perfect business for Allison because she can spend time in the kitchen producing the treats. She uses her organizational skills in preparing the packaging for the treats and doing the business end of things. Promoting her business and selling the treats gets her out into the community meeting people and their dogs

Gracie’s Doggie Delights

Gracie’s Doggie Delights is operated by an enterprising young woman with Down syndrome who loves dogs. These are her dog’s favorites and we hope they will your pet’s favorites too. Her Doggie Delights are made with just ONE ingredient. Freeze dried USDA inspected meat. No additives. No chemicals. The high value dog treat you’ve been looking for.


Lily and her family started PAWsitivelyByLily while she was in her high school fashion and design inclusion class. She has fun making and selling dog bandanas and tug toys as well as earrings. Lily is a hard worker and takes pride in what she creates, come check out her amazing products!