As you know Sara has stepped down from her presidency. We are very sad that she left but she is a consult for us and we are very proud of everything she has accomplished. When she stepped down Kandi Pickard gladly started to take over her position as our interim president and CEO I want to take the time to congratulate her and wish good luck. I know I should have started this blog sooner and my apologies for taking so long to start writing.

I love working with Kandi, we have done projects together, and we have collaborated on our efforts together. I am looking forward to what the future holds for the National Down Syndrome Society and the ideas from Kandi. She will bring a fresh new look and perspective.

Kandi lives in Indiana with her family and she has a son with Down syndrome, she had said that was her inspiration behind her work, and her drive within the organization. She works closely with the philanthropy team working on strategies to support our mission as the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome. Kandi and the rest of the team is fully dedicated to long term goals and achievements and the success of the Down Syndrome community and NDSS. I am excited to work and form a partnership with Kandi and continue to live out our mission and vision and to spread our message far and wide and sharing our personal stories that impacts the Down Syndrome and the differently abled community and make a difference.