I believe in healthy lifestyles – eating right, exercising and dressing to impress. This is a three-part series on how to maintain your self image and make decisions to keep yourself healthier.

It’s a good idea to set a plan of your own choosing. For example, sign up for Weight Watchers or see a nutritionist that can help you figure what works for you. Try to maintain a healthy diet and plan out your meals beforehand. Eating wholesome good foods is better for you. It’s good to track your food and drinks online or in a notebook – I find this useful myself.

If you are planning on going out to eat at a restaurant, I suggest you look at the menu beforehand and decide what you want to eat. Some even get a box to take half of their food home.

I also find cooking at home to be healthier for you because you know what you’re eating and can plan out groceries you need so you stick to the list! Eating fast food is not healthy for you.

Finding recipes is easy, just go online or to Pinterest. Create your own board and find new ways to make your vegetables.  If you don’t have Pinterest, websites like www.slenderkitchen.com or www.skinnytaste.com are good resources for fun new recipes, as well.

Portions aren’t easy to figure out. I always remember the pyramid food chart to help measure out what exactly I want for grains, fruits and vegetables. Try to measure out what you want to use. Research shows food servings encourage people to eat and how much of the food they are actually consuming. Be sure to watch your sugar and salt intake as well. I find drinking iced tea or water is a better option than cokes or sugary juices. It helps your body in more ways than one. If you see a buffet when you go out, try to avoid going in the line and just order off the menu. If you are one who likes the buffet, go up once and fill your plate but don’t go back for more. Try to limit yourself and limit what you drink.

Be cautious of the alcoholic drinks. Desserts are not the greatest for you, like that piece of cheesecake. If you want a dessert, make something at home for that sweet tooth craving.  If you like peanut butter, try a substitute like PB2 – it’s different but good. Try to eat low calorie foods and desserts like frozen bananas.

There are definitely many ways to eat healthy. Good luck!

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