Trifecta of a Lifestyle: Dress to Impress

Dressing to impress is an important factor in everyday life. What does it mean to dress to impress? Dressing to impress shows your confidence. It helps to look good, feel good and perform better. When you lose weight it’s a good feeling to go shopping for new clothes.

It is important to be yourself in what you are wearing, but also to dress the part when job searching and interviewing. It’s good to have a mix of everything from casual, business and dress wear. For business festivities, I suggest for men some seasonal coat and slacks and women a fun black dress or pantsuit.

When it comes to business casual it can be a blurry line in-between casual and business, so here are some suggestions of things I have in my closet for those business casual occasions.

  • Skirts (From pencil to midi)
  • Pixie pants (These are comfy and come in a lot of patterns and colors from Old Navy)
  • Sweaters (Lightweight and thick)
  • Blouses (Neutrals so you can mix and match)
  • Flats

When deciding on what to wear, all-in-all, dress comfortably. Whether you’re wearing jeans or capris make sure that they are dark enough without stains, frays or holes. This is not exactly professional, but I definitely suggest for the Summer when with friends.

As for myself, since I have been losing weight I can tell my clothes are fitting much better. It feels great! This is why having a healthy lifestyle is well worth it when you eat right, get the exercise you need and remember dressing to impress shows your confidence.  They say, dress for the position you want not necessary the position you have. Try to follow these tips and you can make your own healthy lifestyle

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