Dance Happy Designs was founded in 2016 by Julia, Liv, and Emily: three friends on a mission to empower others and celebrate differences through their lifestyle brand. While strengths and abilities may vary, the three founders believe every person deserves the opportunity to forge a meaningful career and have a fulfilling life.

Dance Happy is a silkscreen print studio located outside the city of Philadelphia, PA, which produces handcrafted textile products featuring their original patterns. From hand-cutting patterns to printing fabric to sewing products, everything at Dance Happy is done by hand and with a whole lot of love. Focusing on a refined playfulness, the patterns have an organic but delightful nature to them, speaking volumes to the partnership behind them.

Dance Happy’s patterns are available on an array of textiles products, all of which are made in-house in small, limited runs. Each of the founders contributes to the production of every product made, truly showcasing why inclusion matters.