Bethany began taking acting classes and having small parts in theater plays when she was around 6 years old. This really helped her social skills and gave her a desire to be involved in other things. She began cheerleading in the second grade and met her BFF Grace. She continued to cheer and became the first special needs person to be on the High School team. She got involved in different activities with her friend Grace during high school including being in the senior play. She was also the first special needs person to be voted homecoming queen at Whitmer High School. After graduation she got a job as a hostess at The Outback Steakhouse working part time. After about a year working she decided to keep her job but also to go to the University of Toledo through their T-square program. Grace was already attending there too so together they both joined the RockeThon committee. After weeks of practice dancing and raising money they attended the 14 hour day of the RockeThon. She had so much fun, never getting tired. At the end of the night they choose one college boy to be Mr. RockeThon and one girl to be Miss RockeThon. Out of all those students they choose Bethany to be Miss RockeThon. She was so excited. After one year of college Bethany decided she wanted to take acting classes at Starbound Talent Agency. She continues to work, helps in the community and dreams of going to Hollywood and being an actress or a singer.