David DeSanctis’s Styling On Employment

By: David W. DeSanctis

It is imminent that we take action on the TIME Act. As working members of the community, we should have access to equal pay and competitive jobs just as any American does. This legislation would phase out 14(c) special wage certificates which allow employers to pay individuals with disabilities sub-minimum wage which in some cases comes out to be as low as thirty cents an hour. I would like to remind everyone of “The Golden Rule” to treat others how you would like to be treated.

There are many success stories out there for business owners and entrepreneurs with Down syndrome, but I would like to talk about Megan Bomgaars’ and Tim Harris’ stories.

Megan is not only a public speaker, she is also the CEO and President of her fashion business, Megology. Megan sells T-shirts, tank tops and shirts that are extremely popular in the summertime. She is also an actress on the reality TV show Born This Way on A&E.

Tim used to be the proud owner of his own restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He still resides with his family doing fun things that he loves to do.  The name of is business was called “Tim’s Place.”  He welcomed people with hugs, which I love.

This goes to show that individuals with Down syndrome are ready, willing and able to work and be valued working members of the community.