Bullying is someone with more power intentionally causing harm to someone who cannot respond or feels helpless to respond. This is unacceptable. There are many different forms of bullying, individually, physically, verbally, and cyberbullying. It can also be leaving someone out of a group, socially excluding them.

Bullying an individual can be done verbally and physically. Verbally is teasing them, name-calling, spreading rumors about something or someone. Physically is more like stealing, hitting, fighting or destroying property.
Cyberbullying is harassment or humiliating others on social media, like Instagram, Facebook or even text messages, hurtful emails, texts, posts, gossiping and rumors. As the person that is the bully, you should always be careful what you say or post. Once it’s up you can’t take it back or take it down. Once it’s there, the damage is done. Something you may have posted as a smart mouth teen may ruin your chances for a job later in life.

I want to share a personal story of my own bullying experience. I was bullied verbally and physically. While I was in school I was knocked down in the hallway and fractured my back. I was out of school for a couple of weeks. I used to go home crying to my mom. She told me to brush it off, remember you are the smarter person, first because you told an adult and secondly, I was smart for not trying to retaliate because bullies fight only the battles they think they can win! I dealt with bullies and the use of the “R” word. I am always campaigning to spread the word to end the “R” word.

Bullying can be done peer to peer. It’s unacceptable but not only is it unacceptable, but it’s also against the law. I also advise you to talk to someone you trust, your parents, a librarian or your teacher.
I am passionate about trying to stop bullying AND getting people to STOP using the “R” word. I am not a retard! I am Differently Abled and all of us have different abilities, right? So why would someone use that hurtful word toward anyone, even themselves!