Safety & COVID-19

Published on March 24, 2020

As you, all know Coronavirus is going around in New York City, Onondaga County, and Monroe County and all over the country I know that restaurants, casinos, churches and schools are closing. I agree this is a scary time and a very trying one at that. I have seen signs in places exercising the need for hand washing, sanitizing, and wiping down everything that has been touched or handled. My parents and I have been vigilant on washing hands, wiping down everything that we have touched.

When we were traveling back home from vacation, after boarding the airplane we were sanitizing the seatbelts, the trays, the air vents the armrests. We have passed the Lysol wipes to other passengers to do the same. Even when we went out to eat we used the Lysol wipes to wipe down the table and the menus we also used the wipes for our hands after cleaning the surfaces. That was before the total quarantine in the State of NY.

I know it’s hard to stay in the house all day, so it is important to keep busy, read a book, knit, exercise, play games with your family, watch television. I am lucky my college class was already online so I am working on that. Try to engage yourself in activities around your house, if you have a pet play with them.

It’s also important to connect while maintaining social distancing. Maybe you can connect through a FaceTime, skype. Or just text your friends, go on Facebook and start talking to your family and friends this a good time to reach out to your friends and family just to talk and have a connection. I am talking to my family and friends, I have been texting with them. I am going to FaceTime or Skype. It’s an easy way to go about finding your friends and just talk.

Personally, when I first started hearing about this virus I was scared, scared that I was going to get it. It is okay to be scared. Don’t let the fear overwhelm you, live your life to the fullest. My message to you is stay safe and protect yourself from this virus.