Download the ABLE To Work FAQs.

What is the ABLE to Work Act?
What is an ABLE account?
How will the ABLE to Work Act incentivize employment?
How do assets in ABLE accounts affect eligibility for SSI and Medicaid?
Does the ABLE to Work Act create additional administrative burdens on ABLE beneficiaries?
Under the ABLE to Work Act, does the earned income of the account owner that is directly deposited into their ABLE account count against the account owner’s eligibility for benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicaid?
What safeguards exist to insure that, after the overall limitation on contributions is reached ($15,000 in 2018), additional contributions allowed under the ABLE to Work do not exceed the allowable amount?
What is the Saver’s Credit?
Where can I learn more about the ABLE Act and ABLE accounts?