Buddy Walk® on Washington FAQs

What are the important Deadlines?
Is there an actual walk involved? If not, why is it called Buddy Walk® on Washington?
Will there be help with arranging meetings on Capitol Hill?
Will there be training on how to best approach and meet with elected officials?
How much does it cost to attend? Are there scholarship opportunities available?
With the purchase of a ticket to the 2019 Annual Buddy Walk® on Washington Advocacy Conference Advocacy Conference, you will receive:
Who should attend this conference? Do I need to have advocacy experience? Should I bring my children?
Should Self-Advocates Attend?
What is the dress code for the Buddy Walk® on Washington?
How will I get from the hotel to Capitol Hill on March 6?
Where can I store my luggage while attending meetings on Capitol Hill on March 6?
Will there be opportunities for networking and socialization?
How do I register for the Buddy Walk® on Washington?
More Questions?

Need more Information

For more information, please contact policy@ndss.org.