Proactive during COVID

Published on August 7, 2020

I know it’s a hard and difficult time for everyone right now with Covid 19. Hopefully it ends soon, but I think we are in it for a while. It’s hard staying in the house and feeling cooped up with nothing to do. That is understandable. I hope everyone is trying to stay positive and busy.
I believe trying to keep busy is always a good idea. I like hanging out with my family and friends while keeping the allotted six-foot distance and wearing a mask when out in public. When it’s nice outside I try to get out and take a walk – especially with my dog, Bella.  It’s harder to find something to do in rainy weather, but I grab a book or try to Facetime or Zoom with my friends.
Being inside and doing nothing is draining. Feeling uneasy and staying home without human interaction other than the people you are living with is hard too. As is not being able to go to school normally or homeschooling. It’s important to talk out your feelings with someone you love. It’s difficult to keep them bottled up and to yourself.
To keep our spirits up, we all need to keep our minds active, get some exercise, and hopefully not be in the kitchen for food! Here are some of my ideas to stay proactive and positive during the pandemic:

  • You can play card games, or any games for that matter. My mother and I have a game of Phase 10 every night.
  • Another way to try to keep yourself busy is following an exercise program on the computer. The one I found is for ten minutes each day, but it is a great release and it helps me to lose weight along with some other exercises I am doing. It also makes me feel good about myself.
  • Make sure you create time for yourself.

The National Down Syndrome Society has a weekly Coffee Chat on Zoom where staff and self-advocates share how they are coping with everyday life. We play games sometimes, share news about our lives and can talk about our feelings.  It’s pretty cool. If you know someone with Down syndrome who would like to participate, email and we can set you up to join in.