I was honored and humbled to be nominated to serve on the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. I am very excited to be helping. We attended a two-day meeting at the Hubert H Humphrey building on March 21-22. Citizens were seated in the back of the room, and the citizen members sat at the table with speakers.

At the start of the session, we listened to a few pretty impressive presentations. This committee focuses on employment for all different abilities much like the National Down Syndrome Society, and it is a common theme between the two. During the two day meeting, three subcommittees had breakout sessions such as supply & demand and education and advocacy.

Supply focused on hiring people that are Differently abled, promoting and educating companies, making the process as efficient as possible.

Demand talked about the willing workforce, the job market trends to inclusion and diversity.

In the education and advocacy subcommittee, the topic was rebranding individuals and marketing, educating other businesses on the outcomes of hiring people with disabilities.

After reporting to the rest of the committee, the chairman has to say to the president on what each of the three groups has discussed. As a part of this committee, you have to complete a great deal of paperwork as you can imagine for background checks. This takes a while to go through the process before being sworn in. Mine could not be completed in a short time before the committee meeting. They expect it will be in the Spring.

I am looking forward to being sworn in, being able to vote and being a part of this prestigious Presidential committee.