Times Square Video Submission Form


    ONE photo per individual with Down syndrome can be submitted to the contest. If you send more than one photo, NDSS will only use the first submission. You must check the box at the bottom of the page providing NDSS with consent to use your photo in order to be considered for the Times Square Video Presentation.

    Email notifications will be sent out in early July ONLY to those whose photos were selected for the video.

  • If multiple individuals are included in the photo, provide their names below.
  • "I hereby give the National Down Syndrome Society permission to use this photograph of me or my minor child in the National Down Syndrome Awareness Month video production to be shown in Times Square and other NDSS promotional and educational materials. I understand that the photo will become property of NDSS and will be credited to NDSS for all journalistic purposes. I understand that my photograph will not be returned." "I also give permission for this photo to be used by media outlets and/or other organizations approved by NDSS for positive public awareness, marketing or journalistic purposes."