Why Is NDSS important to me?

The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) is important to me because NDSS supports all individuals with Down syndrome in the following areas:


NDSS assists and helps us fight to have equal fair wages.

Ending Law Syndrome

NDSS assists us in lobbying to our senators, legislators and congressmen and women to pass and change laws that directly affect the Down syndrome community.

Showcasing Our Talents

NDSS gives us the opportunity to showcase our abilities through a unique pop-up shop called C21 that has made its way through various cities in the U.S. We were able to be bartenders, greeters, hosts/hostesses, servers, bussers, entertainers and cooks/chefs.

Teaching Us How to Be Ourselves

NDSS advocates for us to be leaders, champions, dreamers and believers. NDSS is a supportive nonprofit that encourages us to be ourselves and live to our highest potential.

Buddy Walk

Through all of the Buddy Walks they make people aware of the issues of living with Down Syndrome at a local level.