What is World Down Syndrome Day? That day we celebrate the awareness of all people with Down syndrome which is a global day of acceptance and awareness.  Some people know what Down syndrome is and some don’t. To the ones who don’t know Down syndrome is the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. In a normal body there are 46 chromosomes in a body like mine I have 47 chromosomes.  Even though I have Down syndrome it doesn’t mean I get a special treatment- I am just like everyone else and we want to be treated as such. My parents disciplined me like any other child would.


World Down Syndrome Day is important to me and my friends who are Differently-abled because we want to show our abilities not our disabilities. My friends and I are very much capable of doing what we set our minds to. The sky’s the limit and parents don’t limit your children. We are more alike than different.  March 21st is a dedicated day to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and it’s awareness.  October is the main month to celebrate the whole month of celebration of Down syndrome awareness.


Personally I have a couple of experiences where people had preconceived notions about me. One of the instances I was with my dad at a grocery store at the deli counter and we were ordering meats and the person behind it was asking my dad what I wanted. My dad told him to talk to me not him that I am capable of ordering myself. Secondly, I went to a local pizza restaurant with my parents and the hostess was seating us. She asked me if I would like a coloring book with crayons. I said no thank you I rather have a glass of wine and so I did. Thirdly, I took my road test I had to take it 5 times, because I have Down syndrome I had to wear sunglasses so the instructors that got in the car with me so they don’t have a chance to judge me. I was able to pass and I am a proud holder of my driver’s license. Finally I am attending a community college going for my Associates Degree in General Studies. I am so very close. I am 1 class away from graduating this year.


As you can see people with Down syndrome can do anything we set our minds to. I also like to say nothing about us without us. Don’t squash our dreams.