The Marriage Access for People with Special Abilities is very important to me and all of my friends in the Differently-abled community. It’s fallen on hardships living with any kind of disabilities is very much costly these days. Especially when one wants to find a husband and live under one household.


Individuals that are Differently-abled have to live on their Social Security Income (SSI) and this is very crucial to our everyday living. This is one of the many benefits you would lose if you get married. As well as Medicaid and Medicare. If you did get married your income and the income of your significant other would combine and you would lose all of these essential conveniences.


If you want to get involved in this special campaign, Roses our Red and violets are blue here is what you can do! follow this link and you can Tweet 4 love. This tells your Member of Congress to support MAPSA ( HR. 761)


Personally, this is one of my favorite bills to talk about because getting married is one of my goals someday in the future. I want this bill to pass so my friends and I who are Differently-abled can get married without the repercussions. I talked about this bill with Congressman John Katko who supported this legislation I told him about this bill and how important it is to me, I asked him to either introduce this bill or take a lead on it. He introduced this bill back in March of 2019 alongside Congressman Bill Keating of Massachusetts and with the new congress he reintroduced this bill. I am very grateful for his hard work.