June 18, 2017

Meet Andrew Callihan, proud dad to Pace and a dedicated member of our NDSS Athlete Ambassador Program.

“Before Pace was born and we received his diagnosis, I approached racing differently. I was all about meeting goals and crossing the finish line in the time I’d set for myself. Last year, I raced the Ironman Raleigh 70.3 and it was clear after a rough swim, I was not going to hit my goal time. I was disappointed and wanted to throw in the towel, but instead, I kept racing as hard as I could. I finished that race prouder of myself than I had in previous races where I had podiumed or PR’ed.

You see, my son was watching. Pace had already taught me a lot about perseverance. In the beginning, my wife and I were devastated to learn he had Down syndrome. We imagined a long road ahead for our baby boy. However, my wife and I have learned that Pace’s road doesn’t look a whole lot different than the ‘norm’. It may take him a bit longer than others but he will reach his goals, for sure, just like everyone else. It is so important to me that people understand Pace will do it all with the help of his friends and family. None of us accomplishes anything alone. Nothing worth celebrating comes without hard work. I get it now, more than I ever could have before having Pace. The journey has much more to offer us than just the finish line.”