This month, I arrived at the New York Stock Exchange to be a part of the Getting to Equal Voya symposium. Speakers presented on getting to equal for all individuals that are differently abled, their journey and obstacles they had to overcome to get where they are and their abilities being differently abled.

During the symposium, there were three different panels held where we got to share our story and how we began working with Creative Spirits and the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). The speakers shared videos of how the two companies worked when they were being introduced up to the stage. When Sara and I got introduced up to the stage, we did our discussion about our journey and how we came to work for NDSS. We also talked about the importance of equal pay and that we are just like everyone else and deserve to get paid the same. We want to be able to work and get paid fairly and uphold competitive roles within the workforce. Which is why we must pass the TIME act and end #LawSyndrome.

As the last presenter came out and gave remarks, we all had the opportunity to end the day by ringing the Stock Exchange Bell. Rod, from Voya, who is a NDSS partner, and I were told to take the hammer and hit the gavel three times ringing the closing bell. As we head down to the event we had the opportunity to network with other presenters and attendees and share knowledge. NDSS is proud to join in the leadership of Voya and SHRM and discuss the future of the disability community and how we can make a change.