We don’t want you to miss out on some great gifts from your favorite self-advocate owned and operated businesses. Check out the list below for gifts and goodies from some of our favorite businesses owned by individuals with Down syndrome! 


Candidly Kind

Candidly Kind brings to life one of a kind creations crafted by Grace Key, whose open heart since birth (est. 1998) has empowered love in all things. Grace aims to promote kindness and a belief in oneself no matter what the obstacles. She hopes her creations will remind you to live with authenticity, act with love and treat everyone you meet with an open heart.

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Coasters by Ethan

Coasters made by Ethan is a small business run by Ethan Crawford and his mom Tammy. Ethan is a talented artist who loves selling his coasters locally at craft fairs in the Nashville area!

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DaBombs by Morgan Tibbens

Morgan’s bath products, made by hand, come in all shapes, sizes and scents. Morgan makes and sells bath bombs with charms, shower disk, sugar scrub, and bath salts. The business started in November of 2016, allows Morgan to save up to be able to college at Mississippi State.

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Bradley's Blocks

Bradley Spidell, 32, is a talented artist with a love for animals, drawing, painting and building things.

Bradley’s Blocks began in 2009 while attending art therapy classes at Hearts For The Arts studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bradley not only paints the portraits but he is also involved in every aspect of the creation from purchasing wood, sanding and painting blocks, drawing and painting portraits, choosing background colors and paper to the finishing touches and shipping!

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Special Sparkle

Special Sparkle is a mother/daughter team where mom designs and Kelly makes all the jewelry! Through Special Sparkle, founded in 2011, Kelly sells jewelry at in-home parties, craft fairs and fundraisers.

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Poppin Joe's Gourmet Kettle Korn

Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn was officially launched in April 2005 with Joe Steffy as the sole proprietor and was established to provide Joe, a young adult with Down syndrome and Autism, the opportunity to operate and manage his own business. Joe was the recipient of the 2018 Blake Pyron #DSWORKS® scholarship.

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Something Extra Candles

Something Extra Candles is owned and operated by friends Ryan, Jared and Tiej. The team is learning more and more about candles each day by trying different kinds of wax, melting techniques and taking classes.

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River Bend Gallery

River Bend Gallery is run by Geoffrey Mikol a talented photographer for capturing moments in nature that quiet your senses. Only 24 years old, Geoffrey has studied and practiced his photography now for nearly a decade, with spectacular results.

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Just Charlie French

Meet Charlie French! He is an artist, an abstract artist. Charlie has his very own art studio in Dallas, Texas. He loves painting with all kinds of colors and shapes, and making art about my favorite foods, but also storms and water.

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John's Crazy Socks

John’s Crazy Socks is a specialty sock business owned and operated by the father-son Duo, John and Mark Cronin. John’s Crazy Socks has loads of specialty socks with various different designs and patterns for everyone!

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Buddy Walk® Coffee by Furnace Hills Coffee

Furnace Hill Coffee’s first employee, Erin Baldwin, has Down syndrome. She loves to roast coffee and is doing a great job as well. That’s why their phrase, “Special coffee roasted by special people” is true. The goal of Furnace Hills Coffee is to hire more developmentally disabled people as our roasting company grows.

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4 Leaf Coffee

Stephanie is proud to be the owner of 4 Leaf Coffee selling Dreamers Coffee to help bring awareness to the fact that people with disabilities can work, lead normal lives and achieve their dreams. Stephanie is a college student learning about business and now she has the great opportunity to share my dream with others and allow people to enjoy the great taste of Dreamers Coffee!

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Seanese is a T-shirt company run by Sean McElwee! Sean creates shirts with his sayings on them. Sean encourages you to “Let your shirt speak for you!”

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