IEPs and IDEA During Distance Learning

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  • Get reliable vaccine information and resources
  • NDSS Inclusive Education Task Force FAQ
  • Tips for Parents on Developing Homeschool Routines
  • View the Department of Education Guidance on COVID-19 here
  • US Department of Education Fact Sheet
  • OSEP Q&A in response to inquiries concerning implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B
  • Preparing your home for home learning
  • Learn about creating a visual schedule here
  • Find tools for talking to your child about COVID-19 (social stories) here and here
  • Online resources for online/home learning (by subject)
  • Learn more about the TheraWe platform: FREE to any provider to use for assisting parents remotely and also recuperating billable time lost from in-person sessions
  • Read additional clarification on COVID-19 and special education from our friends at COPAA
  • View the NDSS White Paper on COVID-19 Education Tips
  • Learn about your education rights during COVID-19
  • This document includes additional answers from the Department of Education relating to school based services. For more information visit here
  • Johns Hopkins University’s Analysis of School Reopening Plans by state
  • COVID-19 & Virtual Learning Costs: Ways to Pay for Resources & Supports for
    your Student with Special Needs
  • The Autism Little Learners COVID-19 page has social stories to explain the pandemic, masks, social distancing and more
  • Activity: COVID-19 Time Capsule worksheets
  • A video detailing social distancing through song
  • Click here to read the U.S. Department of Education’s Strategies for Safely Reopening Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Click here to read the Educating All Learners Resource Library