The holiday season is here, and from Christmas lights to ice skating and even online shopping there is always something to do. As your fingers fly over the keyboard cyber shopping, please be careful. Here are some helpful tips as you go about your holiday shopping.

When you make the trek to stores to do your shopping, be very careful with your money. When you take out cash, don’t take out all of your money at once, right where you are at risk of having money being taken from you or losing your money. I try to put money in different parts of my purse and work just to take out close to what I need.

When paying with a credit card, be careful when you’re using it. Just bring the card you want to shop with and keep it safe. Cross-body bags are my go-to for shopping, if you have a small purse, I suggest you use your little bag, put it around you, so you don’t have to worry about having someone taking it from you.

When you’re using cash or your credit card make sure you put it away before leaving the store. Don’t expose your money to anyone. As you know, or heard on the news, there are a lot of scams going on. Make sure your credit card and your ID are safely put away to avoid being a victim of a fraud.

When out shopping always is prepared and pack a phone charger and pepper spray. Most malls or stores have security guards. Still be aware of your surroundings, if for some reason, you’re not comfortable with a particular situation or you feel something isn’t right, go to them, and they will provide assistance. When you travel with a number of people, and you get split up, communicate and come up with a plan of action to meet up with them later on.

When you go out shopping, start out by going with a bunch of people, there is safety in numbers so go with friends or with family members. If one goes out shopping by themselves, they are at a higher risk of being robbed.

Most of all, have fun shopping and be safe this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all.