On behalf of myself and I think I can speak for our other self-advocates, we are saddened to hear that Sara Hart Weir has stepped down from her presidency from the National Down Syndrome Society. She has been a tireless advocate for all of us with Down Syndrome. She has been with NDSS for the past seven years advocating and fighting for the rights of all individuals with Down Syndrome true to our mission statement. She has helped with the ABLE acts, #DSWORKS and ending Law Syndrome to name a few. To quote Sara, “if you met one person with Down Syndrome then you met one person with Down Syndrome” Sara will remain forever proud  that NDSS embraced the philosophy “if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu.” Personally, I want to thank Sara for all that she’s done. She has done great work in her advocacy. I am sorry to see her leave but know she will continue to advocate for us whether it be in Kansas or elsewhere.

Sara hired me for my position at NDSS and I will always be grateful to her for letting me do something I really love!  She has been an incredible champion and spokesperson for me personally and all of the Differently Abled. She has made a difference in many lives. In addition to her work on public policy, she brought her many ideas on the outlook of how we should be educating others about Down Syndrome with her impressive background knowledge. With a heavy heart, we are deeply sorry to see Sara go.  Sara good luck in all of your future endeavors. Good luck in Kansas, and know that we are “on the table” because of you!