Adult Summit: Week Three

Published on June 8, 2020

The third and final week of the Adult Summit is now upon us as we conclude. Thank you to all of who watched and participated in sessions. I hope all of you enjoyed what we offered and hope it was very informative.
On May 18th John Seely who is a parent in addition to being a Founder of Empowering Lives Foundation did a presentation on Self-Advocacy in Your Community : Providing Tools and Resources which outlined advocacy work in a hands on session about resources being available at your fingertips by using a tablet or a smartphone. After this session Dr. Marc Colaluce, a leader in the Special Olympics Healthy Athlete Program in St. Petersburg Florida spoke regarding atypical feet and the future of shoe gear sizing in “If the Shoe fits”, The History, Science, and Future of Shoe Gear for those with Atypical Foot Types. Following this session, Martin Guerro, Community Affairs Associate, Ecommerce and Online Specialist from Square mentioned the basics of claiming your online presence and how to build your website with the correct elements for your business. Marly Chevrette, Marketing Director, LuMind IDSC did a presentation on LuMind Focus Group. Later in the afternoon, Matteo Lieb did a presentation on How to Ace Your Next Interview. This workshop outlined the approach to interview skills, it covered commonly asked questions on how to close the deal and land your dream job.
The following day started with David Egan and Matteo Lieb doing a presentation on Pathway to Inclusive Employment. This included talking about employment and inclusion in the work force. Later in the day Rob Snow, Parent and Founder of Creator of Stand Up of Downs, The Improvaneer Method did a session on improvisation with his troupe. He shows how humor helps build skills that increase create social and workplace opportunities. Later in the day Doreen Bestolarides did a presentation on Hospital-Based Special Needs Program /Inclusive Health she provided information about “Special Needs Caregiver Program” and nursing care.
Wednesday the 20th of May, Sarah Briggs, Medical Insurance Advocate, did a session on A Map to Medicaid Insurance Coverage for Reconstructive Prodcedures, this presentation talked about treatment that are common with patients with Down Syndrome.
Later in the afternoon Adrian Forsythe, Mitchell Levitz, Ester Pederson, Julianna Huerena, Teresa Moore and Nicole Patton all did a self-advocate user friendly session on Increasing Self-Advocate Civic Engagement this session was about civic engagement, voting, knowing our voting rights and responsibilities.
Jane Boyle, a sibling did a plenary session on The Long and Winding Road Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease and Advance Care Planning this focused on aging with Down Syndrome and the risks behind it with a greater understanding of strategies and models of care..
On May 21st Adel Herge and Mary Stephens started the day speaking on Promoting Healthy Aging While You Are Stuck at Home an occupational therapist and MD, gave advice of families with individuals with Down Syndrome on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and trying to stay active.
Matteo Lieb did an Interview Prep that covered the basics of building interview skills and honing in on your experiences.
The afternoon included a presentation on Stop Hiding Your Money, Save, Invest & Keep Your Public Health Benefits by Douglas Jackson and Eric Ochmanek on STABLE accounts how to save without impacting benefit programs. That afternoon Emily Burus, Mary Merriman, Heidi Metcalf, Michelle Sagan and Hank Unnerstall panelists that each have a sibling with Down Syndrome shared tips and tricks that they are important for all siblings to know in a session Siblings What We Need to Know.
Friday the 22nd of May had a Virtual Lunch and Learn with NDSS and LuMind IDSC a panel discussion with over four decades of experience as caregivers and healthcare professionals about Alzheimer’s research for adults with Down Syndrome and where the participants got to choose what they wanted to hear.
That afternoon David Coon, Melissa Kushner and Yum Shirai discussed statewide projects, Implementation of the Dementia Capable Care Training and the Arizona Dementia Capable System Expansion. Panel presentation was on Health Care Advocacy, Positive Behavioral Support, Caregiver Self care and Networking.
As the last session of the adult summit Laura Chiocine and Katie Frank did a presentation on Living a Healthy Life! Five Ways to Promote Your Health this focused on living longer and active lives and to participate in actively making healthy lifestyle choices.
I hope everyone enjoyed our first virtual Adult Summit. This wraps up the final week. Stay tuned next week for our webinar on Covid 19.