March 5, 2022 - Summer/Fall 2022



NDSS Adult Summit: On the Road is a series of three one-day conferences taking place in cities across the country during late 2021 and 2022. Each conference will focus on a specific phase in the life of an adult with Down syndrome. Join us for any or all of the conferences to connect with the community and learn valuable information about adulthood and aging from our expert speakers. We anticipate that each event will host over 100 in-person participants.

Conference content will be available after the events for those who cannot attend in person.

Adult Summit On The Road: 

Dates, Locations and Focus Areas

Co-host: Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville

Where: Jacksonville, FL

When: March 5, 2022

Focus Area: Senior Years (40+)


Co-host: Down Syndrome Indiana

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

When: June 11, 2022

Focus Area: Transition into Adulthood


Co-host: Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas

Where: Dallas, TX

When: Summer/Fall 2022

Focus Area: Young Adults (20s and 30s)



As the life expectancy for individuals with Down syndrome continues to increase, NDSS is committed to ensuring our adults with Down syndrome, their families, caregivers and other key stakeholders have the best, most accurate information to support healthy aging.