Ashley Helsing and I attended the Down Syndrome of Greater Charlotte’s Resource Connections and Access for Families through Education (CAFÉ) in Concord North Carolina. I served as the lunch keynote speaker and discussed my work experience, education and my accomplishments.

We attended some of the breakout sessions they offered. The first session I attended was on sexuality, where we discussed challenges relating to teaching sexuality to young adults that are differently-abled and skills to improve awareness, independence and safety. The next session was on waiver services, where they discussed Medicaid, SSI and eligibility.

After the morning sessions, we broke for lunch, where I was presenting.  Following my presentation, there were more breakout sessions. Near the end, they had a young adult panel discussion, which I found very interesting. When they were closing for the day, they had door prizes and other goodies in general. I hosted a self-advocate speak out where I talked about the importance of advocacy, how to tell your personal story and my experiences when I go on Capitol Hill and speak to Members of Congress.