The Adult Summit is in full swing, my last blog was a recap of the first week. Here is a summary of the second week and I  will have the remaining Summit recap in part three in my next blog.  This week has a great line up of speakers that might stand out to you.

On Monday the 11th Bryn Gellaro and Dennis McGuire did a session on Making the Most of a Behavioral Health Consultation for Adults with Down Syndrome. This sessions assesses the mental wellness and behavioral health in adults with Down Syndrome,   a common concern for families and self-advocates.

In the afternoon session Michael Toobin spoke about Legal Issues 101 including estate planning issues and guardianship. Later in the day Rob Snow and Nick Doyle did a presentation on The Improvaneer Method Workshop this introduces improvisation so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about yourself and you can let yourself have a little fun.

On May 12th my colleague Matteo Lieb did a session on how to build  your own resume in Resume Building 101. This session will help you create a resume that makes you feel confident  and tips on how to move forward.

During the day Hampus Hillerstrom spoke about the Advances in Down Syndrome Research. This topic covered major healthcare challenges and the  different pillars of research.   Later on that afternoon there was a self-advocate friendly session by Hannah Stewart and Ronny Jones called  Empowering Athletes and speaking about Special Olympics and how to be actively involved.

Going into late afternoon a presentation by Sujata Bardhan  was An overview of NIH-Funded Research Related to Down Syndrome, a connection with researchers and healthcare providers, participants learned different clinical discoveries on Down Syndrome of new medication and other treatments.


May 13th  a new day, started with Emily Burrus speaking about her experiences of Life with Down Syndrome; A sibling’s Journey about her life growing up with her older sister. Late afternoon to evening Marty Williman and Jennifer Wolfe did a session on Dementia Friends, a new program in the community that changes how we look, think and act about Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.


May 14th This day started with Andrew Morris spoke about special needs trusts as a Prudential Advisor and a parent of a young child with Down Syndrome in his session of Understanding How to Fund a Special Needs Trust: Avoid the Medicaid Payback Provision.

Later that day Dr.Alyssa Siegel did an interactive and roll play session with their family members and self-advocates during My Doctor’s Appointment is About Me! Around the same time frame Marley Chevrette also did a session on LuMind Focus Group. 

That afternoon Laura Chicoine and Katie Frank encouraged young adults with Down Syndrome to partake in their own health promotion on making healthy lifestyle choices. That afternoon my colleague Matteo and fellow self-advocate David Egan spoke about How to Ace your Next Interview this workshop is build your interview skills and to help you ace your dream job.

May 15th  to start the day my colleague Jennifer Katz and Katherine McLaughlin spoke about Becoming a       Sexual Self-Advocate  this entails making the right and healthy decision about sexuality speaking up for yourself, sexually. Talking with your partner your limits and  your desires.

During one of the afternoon sessions Matteo discussed Resume Building 101, a resume is the first impression of obtaining a job,  how to create one, or improve on the resume you currently have.

Later that afternoon Mary Borman, Megan McCormick, Eden Rapp and Candace Whiting all self-advocates as well as Colleen Hatcher discussed Build Your Life —- Live Your Dream this spoke volumes of being strong women and even stronger self-advocates about your dreams and not squashing them. Late that afternoon James Hendrix gave his updates in Research Update: Sleep and Sleep Apnea & Down Syndrome  how sleep is crucial in our everyday lives.


This is an overview of the second week of the Adult Summit. I hope all of you are enjoying what we are offering. If you have any questions I hope you reach out to NDSS or visit our website at for further information.