Sara’s M.O. is that if you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu, and as the President & CEO, she makes it a priority to bring people with Down syndrome to the table.

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Fun Fact

Fun Fact: My political party = Down syndrome

Sara Hart Weir, MS
President & CEO

Email Kandi

Kandi Pickard is the Chief of Staff at NDSS, where she manages 17 professional staff members on a day-to-day basis. Working in close coordination with President & CEO of NDSS, Kandi oversees the success of each department in the organization and is a visionary when it comes to the long-term goals and achievements of both NDSS and the Down syndrome community.

Kandi Pickard
Chief of Staff

Email Ashley

Ashley Helsing is the Director of Government Relations. She who works with Members of Congress and their staff, federal agencies and state and local leaders to help pass legislation that is beneficial to the Down syndrome community.

Fun Fact

While spending time in Poland, Ashley accidentally ate cow tongue soup. She does NOT recommend it.

Ashley Helsing
Director of Government Relations

Email Michelle

Michelle Ray is the Director of National Inclusive Health & Sports Program, overseeing the National Buddy Walk Program, Athlete Ambassador Program, Charity Racing Teams and Our Healthy Community.

Michelle is passionate about health and fitness, and combines her passion and her advocacy experience in the disability community in making health, an important human right, a priority for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Michelle Ray
Director of National Inclusive Health and Sports Program

Email Josh

Joshua Harlow serves as the Senior Communications Advisor with NDSS working alongside the leadership team and all departments to help compose, refine and ultimately craft compelling messages to tell the stories of the thousands of advocates, families and supporters of NDSS.

Fun Fact:

Joshua is first in the state of Missouri in the “Hit By Pitch” category.

Joshua Harlow
Senior Communications Advisor

Email Vince

Vince Randazzo
Public Policy Advisor

Email Josh

Joshua B. Hill is the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Sara Weir. Josh coordinates with all departments and staff in order to ensure the day-to-day success of NDSS as it seeks to be the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome.

Fun Fact

Josh is often very busy and, although he tries his very best, never finishes anythi

Josh Hill
Executive Assistant to the President

Email Colleen

Colleen Hatcher is the Community Outreach and Engagement Mangager with the National Down Syndrome Society.

Fun Fact

Colleen is an ice cream fanatic! She has stood in line for almost 2 hours waiting for ice cream.

Colleen Hatcher
Community Outreach and Engagement Manager

Email Melissa

Melissa Robertson is the Office Manager and oversees Finance and Development tasks at the National Down Syndrome Society. She holds a media degree from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fun Fact

Melissa had performed in a Balinese percussion orchestra for several years.

Melissa Robertson
Office Manager

Email Kayla

Kayla McKeon is the Manager of Grassroots Advocacy with the National Down Syndrome Society. She educates and inspires others who are Differently Abled.

Fun Fact

Kayla enjoys hot air balloon rides, but really loves riding with her friend on his Harley!

Kayla McKeon
Manager of Grassroots Advocacy

Email Nicole

Nicole Patton is the Manager of Grassroots Advocacy who works and assists our NDSS DS-Ambassadors® in their advocacy efforts on the federal, state and local level.

Fun Fact

Nicole has flown a helicopter.

Nicole Patton
Grassroots Advocacy Manager

Email Khadijah

Khadijah Farmer is the Community Outreach Associate who manages the structure of the #DSWORKS program. Through training and problem solving, Khadijah facilitates the development of longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees living with Down syndrome.

Fun Fact

Khadijah is a die-hard Marvel fan.

Khadijah Farmer
Community Outreach Associate

Email Jessica

Jessica Kuss is the Athlete Ambassador Program Associate managing the Athlete Ambassador Team, Charity Racing, and Racing for 3.21 on World Down Syndrome Day. She ensures there are plenty of opportunities and avenues to stay fit and healthy.

Fun Fact

Jessica always disliked running and preferred other modes of exercise. However, she has run multiple races, including three half marathons.

Jessica Kuss
Athlete Ambassador Program Associate

Email Michelle

Michelle Sagan is the Buddy Walk® Program Associate who works with Buddy Walk® organizers to help kick start, maintain and grow Walks across the country. She also helps plan the annual NYC Buddy Walk® and Buddy Walk® Conference.

Fun Fact

Michelle was born in Colombia, South America, and is fluent in Spanish!

Michelle Sagan
Buddy Walk® Program Associate

Email Rachel

Rachel Grimm is the Special Events and Conference Coordinator who works with members of each department to plan and execute special events throughout the year.

Fun Fact

Rachel likes to challenge herself every year to try something new! Rachel has scaled down a 17-story building to benefit charity and has also been skydiving – jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet!

Rachel Grimm
Special Events and Conference Coordinator

Email Emily

Emily Kaczmarczyk is our #DSWORKS® Outreach Coordinator and is responsible for growing our #DSWORKS® company database. In addition to outreach, she also works as a support role for all #DSWORKS® efforts.

Fun Fact

Emily is the daughter of Cuban immigrants and first-generation American.

Emily Kaczmarczyk
#DSWORKS® Outreach Coordinator

Email Caleb

Caleb Herr is a Digital Media Technical Specialist who works with Buddy Walk® organizers and NDSS staff members to provide technical support and assistance on a host of issues.

Fun Fact

Caleb has a twin brother who also works in the field of computers.

Caleb Herr
Digital Media Technical Specialist

Email Jamie

Jamie Dolan is an Assistant Information and Referral Specialist preparing information kits about the needs and abilities of people with Down syndrome. Jamie has also had the opportunity to represent NDSS at the United Nations for the 2016 World Down Syndrome Day.

Jamie Dolan
Information & Referral Assistant

Email Adrian

Adrian Forsythe Korzeniewicz is an Advocacy Program Assistant for NDSS. Adrian works  within the office and on Capitol Hill. Adrian is also a liaison between the Self Advocate Advisory Board and the NDSS staff.

Adrian Forsythe
Advocacy Programs Assistant

Email Sara Jo

Sara Jo Soldovieri is the Manager of Inclusive Education Policy and Programming who works around the country on issues related to inclusive education.

Fun fact

While in college, Sara Jo spent her summers working at a camp for the deaf and knows how to sign.

Sara Jo Soldovieri
Manager of Inclusive Health Policy & Programming

Email Maeve

Maeve O’Connor is the Development Manager at NDSS. She provides research and development the to staff. She strongly believes that excellent research and donor stewardship positively influence the growth of all organizations.

Fun fact

Maeve grew up in Ireland, on the scenic “Ring of Kerry,” but never spotted any leprechauns while living there.

Maeve O'Connor
Development Manager