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eTrak was created for the safety of those with special needs. In partnering with NDSS, eTrak hopes to give peace of mind to families and caregivers so they always know where their loved ones are.

eTrak will help keep your loved ones safe by constantly monitoring their location on a map from any smartphone or computer. Roughly the size of a domino and weighing less than an ounce, eTrak can fit almost anywhere - in a backpack, a pocket, keychain, or on a belt or shoelace.

eTrak gives you the ability to set up "Safety Circles." These boundaries allow you to designate a specified area within which you expect your child or loved one to be. When they go beyond that area, or enter a different Safety Circle, you will be instantly notified via text and email.

eTrak also features a "Personal Panic Button." If there is an emergency or your loved one needs help, they simply press and hold the button and you will be notified via text and email immediately. The alert message will include a map with their location and turn-by-turn directions to get there.

NDSS has arranged for eTrak to waive the $99 retail price of the device for those who purchase through Shop NDSS. The device will be free of charge when you order. You are only responsible for the regular one-time $39 activation charge, and the monthly tracking service of $14.95 on a 24 month agreement. eTrak will donate $10 per unit to NDSS for every order received.

For more information and to pre-order your eTrak device with the NDSS discount, visit or call 800-279-1261 and mention the National Down Syndrome Society.

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