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Rhyme & Reason

NDSS is proud to partner with Rhyme & Reason, a company that believes that in an ideal world a percentage of everything we purchase would be donated to the charity of our choice. At Rhyme & Reason, instead of spending a large percentage on celebrity endorsed marketing campaigns to promote their brand, they've concentrated on making high quality clothes with minimal branding and are allowing their customers to help give back to society by donating a percentage of each purchase to the charity of their choice.

Rhyme & Reason has created a signature line for men, women and kids featuring 3:21 on the front, symbolic of the third copy of chromosome 21 in trisomy 21, and the NDSS logo on the back. For each signature shirt purchased, $5 will be donated to NDSS.

View photos of the NDSS signature t-shirts on Facebook.

Rhyme & Reason has expanded the collection to include kids' t-shirts in gold; adult unisex t-shirts in gold, kelly green, royal blue, white and midnight blue; women's long sleeve t-shirts in blue, kelly green, charcoal and light gray; men's long sleeve t-shirts in navy, charcoal and light gray; women's sweatshirts in black, charcoal, coral, gold, kelly green, light gray, raspberry and white; and men's sweatshirts in royal blue, black, gold and light gray. With so many choices, there's something for everyone! The NDSS signature line can only be purchased online. Visit the Rhyme & Reason website to view the collection and make a purchase.

For all Rhyme & Reason items other than NDSS signature t-shirts, 10% of your purchase will be donated to us when you select National Down Syndrome Society at checkout.

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