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Okobos Buddy Walk® Footwear

NDSS is thrilled to partner with Okobos, a socially-conscious company whose mission shares common themes and goals of the National Buddy Walk® Program.

Okobos was co-founded in 2007 by Michelle and Tom Juza and is headquartered in Oneida, Wisconsin. The Okobos brand was founded with one guiding vision - to collectively gather the threads of high quality products, morally conscious consumers, for-profit business principles and social-minded endeavors, and weave them together to create the synergistic fabric for the company.

The Okobos brand is synonymous with benevolence and self-expression. Okobos is footwear that reflects who you are. Okobos shoes feature a unique attachment system that allows you to customize your shoes (called Okobits). It's an easy and fun way to express your personal style, support a cause, and create awareness.

Okobos believes:

  • When a child is nourished in mind, body and spirit, he/she can reach his/her potential.
  • When you provide people and organizations with the means to give, their generosity will exceed your wildest dreams.
  • When we all take ownership in an idea, we can turn it into action.
  • When we all walk together, we can go farther than we ever dreamed.
  • It is good to walk. It's even better when you walk with a purpose - to walk for a cause that you really care about.

NDSS has partnered with the Okobos Walking Together Program to raise awareness about the Buddy Walk, the national NDSS program that promotes the acceptance and inclusion of all people with Down syndrome. A custom Okobit, the ornamental part of the footwear, was designed for the Buddy Walk.

The Okobos Foundation will donate $25 to NDSS for every pair of shoes you purchase when you enter "NDSS" in the donation code box at checkout. In addition, $10 is donated to the Okobos Foundation to support other worldwide initiatives!

Visit the Okobos website to make a purchase.

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