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Featherstone Design Bow Pin

Featherstone Design donates 100% of all Bow Pin purchases to NDSS. We appreciate all of the supporters who have bought Bow Pins and we are extremely grateful to Deirdre Featherstone and her design team for their generosity.


The Story...

By Deirdre Featherstone

When our daughter Catherine was born, my husband and I found out she had Down syndrome. As you know, that's a life changing experience. We didn't yet know that the change would be for the better!

Within hours of her birth, my dear friend was in touch with NDSS, asking for every piece of information she could get her hands on. What would we have done without them? The staff was so warm and welcoming. We wanted to give something back. We had the idea to make a piece of jewelry – this is not unusual for us, we think of jewelry for everything! As we got to know Catherine, we knew this jewel had to signify celebration. I selected a bow because she is our greatest gift and added the third ribbon to symbolize the third copy of chromosome 21.

We want people whose lives are touched by Down syndrome to wear this pin and feel connected to every other person out there who understands this world we live in every day – a world of challenges, surprises and unparalleled joy. We want you to see each other on the street – and everywhere – share your stories and realize that we truly are a community. My hope is that through this pin, Featherstone Design supports NDSS, and allows all of us to get one step closer to our dreams.

Visit the Featherstone Design website and make a purchase.

If your jewelry tastes go beyond what you see on the Featherstone Design website, Deirdre and her team are happy to speak with you about custom items that suit your style and best honor your loved one with Down syndrome. A Bow Pin can be customized by adding a child's birth stone or upgrading to gold or platinum, or an entirely new piece (necklace, earrings, ring, charms) can be designed. Call the Featherstone Design studio at 212-343-0604 and share your story with them.

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