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NDSS is proud to partner with BandAbout, a company that provides customizable canvas bracelets and asks, "what's YOUR band about?" With BandAbout you can easily show your support for people with Down syndrome by creating a custom bracelet that includes personal photos and text. Your bracelet will honor and celebrate a person in your life who has Down syndrome and will represent why this cause is a priority to you. Each bracelet is $5.00. NDSS will receive a donation of $2.00 for each purchase.

BandAbout bracelets are made of canvas and are tied on the wrist with a piece of string (included) that is looped through the grommets. One size fits all. The canvas will fray and wear, giving the bracelet a relaxed, broken-in look and feel. The bracelets can get wet and may be gently hand-washed. 

Visit the BandAbout NDSS page to learn more about place your custom order.

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