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Lulu and the Lettuce Patch

Earlier this summer, NDSS met the creators of Lulu and the Lettuce Patch, a family from Central Texas - Greg and Shelly and their daughters, Savanna, age 10, Ellie, age six, and Lucy, 17 months, who has Down syndrome. Greg and Shelly created a blog, written exclusively by Greg, for now, as a place to put their stories about Lucy. Greg began writing the stories because he likes to write and relate the experiences his family collected along the way in a detailed narrative; stories that they would want to share with other newcomers to the Down syndrome community. In doing this, Greg’s hope is that someone will find and share the blog with others who may be starting out on a similar journey. He hopes they see parts of their own stories in the narrative and will not feel so much like they are walking into an unknown. In creating their blog, Greg and Shelly’s goal is to relate more than educate.

Once Greg and Shelly had a platform to publish their stories, they chose the name Lulu and the Lettuce Patch and a logo to go with it, they set up an NDSS Your Way campaign so that people who feel moved by their stories could make donations Lucy’s honor.

View Greg and Shelly's blog about Lucy and their family.

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