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Elizabeth Manresa and Teddy Eynon

Elizabeth Manresa and her husband Teddy Eynon had to deal with heartbreak a few years ago when they lost their 3-month old daughter Mamie Grace. To honor the memory of their daughter Elizabeth and Teddy have created Mamie's Mile, which holds 2 events a year to raise money for NDSS. Last week they raised more than $3,000 with a shopping event at Bloomingdale's and have their 2nd event, an annual walk coming up on May 17th. 

On that day that Mamie passed Elizabeth decided to do something for Mamie Grace that she couldn't muster the strength to do while she was alive-- honor her and celebrate her "extra chromosome".  Mamie Grace, a twin,  was born with a hole in her heart and with Down syndrome. 

Through their tireless efforts, Teddy and Elizabeth strive to create a world in which the inital thoughts about a child born with Down syndrome are not negative ones.  Said Elizabeth, "I've dedicated this charity to changing the way people think about Down syndrome."

For more information on Mamie's Mile or their story visit their website

Update 9/1/14: Following Mamie's Mile, a one mile walk for Down syndrome in May, Elizabeth Manresa set a goal of raising $50,000 to support NDSS’ public policy and advocacy work. Elizabeth and her family started Mamie’s Mile to honor her daughter, Mamie Grace, who happened to have Down syndrome and passed away in 2010.

To raise awareness, Elizabeth vowed to wear her Mamie’s Mile green shirt until her goal was met. From mid-May until end of July, Elizabeth was sporting her green "Mamie's Mile" t-shirt.

"The new shirts had just been delivered for the walk, so I decided to throw one on to go pick up my two youngest at school. while driving there, I mumbled to myself that I hould keep the shirt on until I raise 50k," said Elizabeth. 

It only took nearly 90 days to reach her goal and the shirt miraculously held up. NDSS thanks Elizabeth for her dedication and support of NDSS and for helping us raise awareness all around the country!

"The night I discovered that I was going to be able to take off the shirt, I just couldn't believe it. I had worn it for so long, a few days shy of 3 months, that it just became a part of me." 

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