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Bobby Tran

This past October, Bobby Tran joined Team NDSS21, a group of 21 athletes of all ages and abilities who pledged to raise a collective $21,000 in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. While the team has more than doubled its goal with over $48,000 raised to date, Bobby is one of the more successful members, having met his personal goal of $1,000.

Bobby ran his first Marine Corps Marathon in 2010 alongside many inspirational runners representing various charities, dedications and disabilities during “The People’s Marathon.” When his good friends Brian and Val became proud parents to a daughter with Down syndrome the following year, Bobby was eager to help Sophia and her parents. “Seeing the joy she brought while hearing the challenges that she may encounter is what drove me to want to do something, anything, to help her and those with Down syndrome live full, fair and better lives,” Bobby said. He ran his second Marine Corps Marathon with Team NDSS21 in Sophia’s honor.

Bobby developed a stronger conviction to be more involved in the Down syndrome community after seeing the news surrounding Ethan Saylor’s tragic death. In addition to running in Sophia’s honor, Bobby dedicated his Team NDSS21 race to Ethan with his sister Emma’s blessing.

Bobby joined Team NDSS21 to raise awareness and funds for people with Down syndrome. He hopes that Sophia “will be accepted as an equal (as everyone should be) so that she may experience a complete and fruitful life full of happiness while being a valued member of society.” It seems Bobby has not only already met his fundraising goal, but also raised awareness while running. The highlight of the race took place just a few steps past the starting line when a man in the crowd pointed to him and exclaimed, “That’s the best outfit of the day… thank you!”

View Bobby’s Team NDSS21 fundraising page in honor of Sophia and Ethan.

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