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Alan Gard

Alan Gard is not only the current leader of the Compete section of NDSS Your Way, he is also the participant that traveled the farthest for the NDSS 17th Annual Golf Outing, coming from Omaha, NE to join us at the sold out event at Baltusrol Golf Club on June 17, 2013.

On June 24, Alan embarked on the Hundred Hole Hike at Friend Country Club in Friend, NE. The Hundred Hole Hike is a national network of golf marathons where participants walk 100 or more holes of golf in one day in service to various worthwhile charitable causes. As Alan played and walked 110 holes of golf, he was supported by his wife, Beth, and sons, Gabrael, age four, and Alijah, age one, who has Down syndrome.

Alan chose NDSS as his charity and named his team "Alijah's Chariots" because "the prophet Elijah was spirited to heaven in a chariot of fire," and Alan and Beth are committed to carrying Alijah over the hills and valleys so that he and others like him can fulfill their potential.

Alan's family, friends and community members pledged their support and made generous donations. To date, 65 "Chariots" have pledged $10,000. Some pledged a flat amount and others got creative and offered incentives for holes walked, birdies and eagles.

"While the goal is to raise money," Alan said, "the real value is being able to show Alijah and all people with Down syndrome the list of those who have said, 'We will support and care about you... We will be your Chariots!' That will be a gift that lasts Alijah his whole life."

Congratulations and thank you to Alan Gard for his amazing accomplishment as an endurance athlete, fundraiser and father. We loved meeting you last month and we are excited to share your story in an effort to motivate others to create a unique NDSS Your Way campaign.

To learn more about participating in a Hundred Hole Hike and joining Team NDSS with Alan next year in the Omaha area or at another club anywhere in the country please contact him at [email protected].

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