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Featured ImageMany people think of wellness as “the absence of illness,” but it is much more than that. Wellness involves looking at the whole picture. It is the combination of six main areas of life: the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual. Wellness means finding a balance between all of these things. A perfect balance rarely happens for anyone, but if one aspect is not addressed at all or is overshadowed by others, that is a red flag.

  1. Nutrition

    NutritionFor individuals with Down syndrome, just like everyone else, good nutrition can lay the foundation for a healthy life. This section includes information on nutrition for children and adults with Down syndrome.

  2. Managing Behavior

    Managing BehaviorThe behavioral challenges seen in children and adults with Down syndrome are usually not all that different from those seen in typically developing children. However, they may occur at a later age and last somewhat longer.

  3. Sexuality

    SexualityHuman sexuality encompasses an individual's self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and social experiences relating to dating, marriage and the physical aspects of sex.

  4. Recreation & Friendship

    Recreation & FriendshipTips and resources for children and adults with Down syndrome and their families to access recreation opportunities and friendships in the community.

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