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Transition & Beyond

Featured ImageIssues that effect adolescents and adults with Down syndrome and their families include sexuality, employment, housing, transition planning and specific health conditions that are associated with Down syndrome.

  1. Life After High School

    Life After High SchoolIt is important for individuals with Down syndrome and their families to begin thinking about one of the most important transitions of all - the move from high school to life after high school.

  2. Transition & the Family

    Transition & the FamilyThis article, written by a mother, provides a general road map and some useful tips to use during the period of time between high school and what comes next for individuals with Down syndrome.

  3. Employment & Volunteer Work

    Employment & Volunteer WorkIn general, there are three types of employment options available to individuals with Down syndrome: competitive, supported and sheltered. Volunteer work is a great option to gain some additional job training.

  4. Resources for Employers

    Resources for EmployersThis section contains information for employers who are looking to hire individuals with Down syndrome.

  5. Housing Options

    Housing OptionsIn making decisions about living arrangements, families must weigh the desires of the individual, his or her independent living skills, and available resources.

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