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Planning for Old Age

Featured ImagePlanning ahead for the future is tremendously important as many of the issues discussed in this section do not lend themselves to being decided in the setting of a crisis. Making a plan that is sustainable throughout the lifespan requires thinking a few steps ahead at all times.

  1. Staying Socially Connected

    Staying Socially ConnectedAs individuals with Down syndrome grow older, they may require more adjustments in, and more flexibility with, lifestyle activities and schedules.

  2. Housing

    HousingThroughout the aging process it is necessary to periodically assess the living environment to identify and make adjustments that will help maintain good health, independence, privacy and dignity while ensuring safety.

  3. Coordination of Care

    Coordination of CareCoordination of care is a person-centered and shared decision-making process to identify and provide needed care, services and support.

  4. End of Life Considerations

    End of Life ConsiderationsDiscussing wishes about end-of-life is difficult for most people. However, tackling these topics proactively, at a moment when there is no crisis or urgency, allows time to think, reflect, ask questions and ultimately arrive at an informed decision.

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