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Growing Older with Down Syndrome Conference

On June 27, 2015, NDSS and the Down Syndrome Community in Seattle co-hosted Growing Older with Down Syndrome, a one-day conference to address health, family and quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome through adulthood. Below are videos of each of the presentations and slides.

Transitions that Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Down Syndrome and Their Families Encounter

Speaker: Nancy Jokinen, MSW, Ph.D.

Behavioral Changes & Management Strategies with the Aging Person with Down Syndrome

Speaker: Dr. Lilian Thorpe

Thinking About Aging...Preparing for Dementia When It Becomes a Reality

Speaker: Matthew Janicki, Ph.D. 

Exploring the Roles of Siblings of Adults with Down Syndrome

Speaker: Meghan Burke, Ph.D.

Issues of Quality Life for Aging Individuals with Down Syndrome and Their Families

Speaker: Roy Brown, Ph.D.

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