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Aging Matters

Featured ImageAdults with Down syndrome are now reaching old age on a regular basis and are commonly living into their 50s, 60s and 70s. In order to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of a longer life, it is important to be proactive and learn about the issues that may lie ahead.

  1. Overview of Aging

    Overview of Aging Adults with Down syndrome, along with their families and caregivers, need accurate information and education about what to anticipate as a part of growing older so that they can set the stage for successful aging.

  2. Planning for Old Age

    Planning for Old AgePlanning ahead for the future is tremendously important as many of the issues discussed in this section do not lend themselves to being decided in the setting of a crisis. Making a plan that is sustainable throughout the lifespan requires thinking a few steps ahead at all times.

  3. Emotional & Psychiatric Well-Being

    Emotional & Psychiatric Well-BeingAs adults with Down syndrome grow older, there is increased risk of experiencing certain common mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and behavioral disturbances.

  4. Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome share a genetic connection, leading to the increased risk of dementia at an earlier age. Understandably, many families and caregivers are especially worried about this possibility, which is one reason why this topic is covered in detail in this section. Getting accurate information and education about the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is an important way of empowering oneself to prepare for the future.

  5. Growing Older with Down Syndrome Conference

    On June 27, 2015, NDSS and the Down Syndrome Community in Seattle co-hosted Growing Older with Down Syndrome, a one-day conference to address health, family and quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome through adulthood.

  6. Age of Change Conference

    On September 7, 2013, NDSS and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles co-hosted the Age of Change conference. Over the course of the day-long conference, presenters shared valuable information about a variety of topics relating to aging and Down syndrome. This section contains videos and slides of the day's presentations.

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