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Scott Jackson's Great Story
Scott Jackson's Great Story

In 2010 Scott Jackson, a forty two year old man with Down syndrome, received a certificate and congratulatory letter for completing twenty years of continuous employment. The letter was signed by the CEO of Compass group North America who has a contract with Raytheon Company for food services. Peter Casperson, his boss, says he is an important part of their team. Scott has over twenty tasks to complete during his six hour day, five days a week. His is not a token job, since his tasks include cleaning so important in the food service industry. Peter told us their team got a perfect score in a recent inspection which included Scott's "dish room". He also does food preparation and picks up trays at various locations. Eurest has employees with special needs at many of the Raytheon facilities in this area. Scott's accomplishments stand in stark contrast to the advice of a young pediatrician who saw him shortly after birth. That advice was to not take him home. Scott integrated at home with two brothers and a sister. Another brother arrived three years later. At the age of thirteen months, after independent contact with the Worcester Youth Guidance Center, four mothers, coincidentally with of babies with Down syndrome, got together with a talented and dedicated woman named Emily Ransom who led the early development program. Week after week the mothers trucked to a different home for singing, finger plays, etc. The mothers patiently, and dutifully moved the children's fingers and limbs as directed by Emily. Scott was seven years old when he departed this program for more training/learning at Mercy Centre in Worcester, MA. which proved to be a significant part of his social training. At seventeen years of age , Scott left Mercy Centre for enrollment in the very first Special Needs class at Algonquin High School in Northborough, MA. With Chapter 766 in full swing, Algonquin was competently staffed and Scott graduated in 1990 to a standing ovation from his classmates, particularly the football squad he hung out with. During a portion of his high school experience Scott earned a diploma in food and janitorial services from Assabet Valley Regional Vocational School. All transportation for Mercy Centre and high school was arranged by the able Northborough, MA. Special Needs Administrator. During this period of Scott's life his Mom was the main advocate since his Dad was early in his career and traveling a lot. During Scott's senior year his Mom asked his Dad to check if the Raytheon cafeteria hired personnel like Scott. The answer was yes and an interview was set up. He was hired in May of 1990 on probation and is still there as of this date. Occasionally a job coach is needed for new tasks or just "tuning up". Economic transportation has been a problem at times. Advocating and "shaking the bushes" has been time consuming, frustrating, is never ending, and is a must to find and get available services.

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Marie Chevalier, United States, VT
8/27/2013 8:18:30 AM
Hey cuz! Congrats on u r tenure! Keep on keeping on:)

Leonard M. Conlin, United States, MA
3/7/2011 1:18:36 PM
This is a worthy recognition of many selfless partnerships and services extended to Scott. His parents, Ralph and Suzanne, together with his siblings continue to "shake the bushes.!"

Frank and Gillian Rodgers, United States, MA
2/6/2011 8:23:46 AM
Way to go Scott!! Congratulations

Jane E. Conlin, United States, MA
3/7/2011 11:49:49 AM
To the Scott Jackson Family and all others involved: Time to take a bow for your loving efforts and success in providing Scott with a life of personal satisfaction and contentment. Knowing him is to know a happy man.

Claire Swan, United States, MA
2/2/2011 3:03:31 PM
A wonderful story of inspiration and hope. Also a marvelous example of parental advocacy, family involvement, specialized education and confidence in their son.

Andrea Hibbs, United States, LA
5/19/2013 2:51:54 PM
What an amazing life! So proud to read this!

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