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Say YES to Your Dreams!
Say YES to Your Dreams!

My name is Terri Rose and I write on behalf of my son, Dylan Kuehl, (pron. Keel). Dylan is 31 and lives in Olympia, Washington. I feel proud and honored to share his story. He was taught early in life not to be afraid to reach for his dreams and celebrate his abilities. With help of family, friends and community, "YES teams" form to help bring wings to his many ambitious dreams. I hope sharing Dylan's story will encourage others to live their life with passion and joy and say YES! Dylan's story begins with a partial list of dreams achieved in his work and social life. After years of failed attempts at traditional employment Dylan decided he needed a job where he would be rewarded for his verbal and social skills along with his many artistic skills. March 5, 2005, Dylan became sole-proprietor of his own visual and performing arts company, DK Arts. This company highlights and supports his skills as an artist, musician and motivational speaker. The business first sold his paintings on greeting cards, postcards, magnets, calendars, bookmarks and prints. Over the last years, Dylan has put aside his pastel paints and has learned to work with fused glass. He now creates one-of-kind fused glass necklaces, earrings, pins, rings, night lights, decorative tiles and other glass items. Dylan has received national and international awards for his art and poetry. His business success story has been seen on the PBS television series, BIZ Kids, also in Apostrophe Magazine, Exceptional Parent Magazine, Logan Magazine, The RIOT and i.d.e.a.l. Magazine. He art is featured in the Woodbine House book titled: "A Room of Golden Shells: 100 Works by Artists and Writers with Down Syndrome". He is references three times in the new textbook titled: Educating Learners with Down syndrome. Dylan has spoken to local, national and international audiences. He enjoys dance and martial arts and is a member of the World Association of Bench and Dead Lifters (WABDL). He is a 145 average bowler and has a goal to attend in his local college. Dylan is a community volunteer and faithful to his church. One of his big dream have come true! He is LIVING THE DREAM and playing music with other talented singers and musicians. Dylan is now the lead drummer in The Living the Dream Band, previously called The Jackson Memory Band. He brings uniqueness to this band as the one person with a disability. He is happy to be included and integrated as an important band member. Dylan proves that music unites us all and Down syndrome ROCKS! Dylan and the band is proud and excited to advocate and bring public awareness to the greatness of living life with Down syndrome. Dylan continues to dream. What's next? He wants to start a band that plays children's music. If he can dream it, it can be! Dylan's message and that of the band is clear. It is about ABILITIES not disabilities.

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Terri Rose, United States, WA
6/26/2014 10:20:43 PM
I am my son's biggest fan. I am so happy to be part of his YES team!

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