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Me and My Dreams
Me and My Dreams

My name is Roxani Kalpaki and I'm 23 years old. I live with my parents and my older brother. I'm working at a workshop in the Association of Down Syndrome in Greece. I'm making "mpomponieres," that here in my country we give when a couple is getting married or when a child is being baptized. I like going to my work every morning and I'm happy when the clients go home satisfied from my work. Another thing I like the most is taking photos with my camera. My parents gave me a camera some years ago, and I havent stopped using it ever since. I take photos of people, weddings, places and even performances in the theater. I'd like to work as a teacher and teach other people how to write and read. It's very nice teaching other people how to be independent. I'd like to get married and have a family. I'd like to have three children and a husband who will respect me. Together we could teach them to speak, write or read correctly. I love all the people, because I think all of us are nice. That's why I'm trying to help them whenever I can. For example last month I offered medicines and food to Doctors Without Borders for poor people and children, that here in Greece are suffering because of the financial crisis.

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