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Living In Love
Living In Love

It's a hard day at work. I take care of a little boy with Down syndrome, and he is not very happy with me. Every forty-five minutes, I have to drag him to the 'potty' as part of his potty training. Today, he fights me, thinking that surely there are more exciting things to do! After long minutes of encouraging and bribing, he finally sits on the toilet. Relieved, I let him do his business. I'm tired, and I've been sick for several days. This constant fight in the bathroom really wears me out, and I find myself wondering if it is really worth it. A minute later, I hear the toilet flush, and he comes out to me, showing me that he needs help fastening his pants. As I kneel to do this, I praise him for being such a good boy. "Thank you," I hear myself say, even though I find myself wishing he weren't so difficult. I then look into his eyes and can't help smiling at the innocence I see there. He smiles back, surprising me by wrapping his arms around my neck and hugging me tightly. It is in this moment I remember why I doing this. The love this little boy shows through smiles and embraces makes me forget how tired and sick I am. I feel cherished and wanted. Yes, sometimes I will get frustrated, but then I'll remember that I love this little boy, and he loves me back. That makes every moment worth it.

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