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The School for Students with Down Syndrome in Can Tho, Vietnam
The School for Students with Down Syndrome in Can Tho, Vietnam

Hi, I'm Devon. I would like to share my story about my experience in schools in a different country. Well my family went on a educational trip to Vietnam. It was our first time going. While we were there we went to a university to teach English and it was fun and inspirational. I was there myself the first day then the next several days my mother and I went to a school for kids and teens with Down syndrome. They showed us different stuff they did to teach them. My mom talked about me and my education to teachers, students with their moms. They also gave us a tour of the school, it was really helpful to see. The students gave us special gifts that they made by hand, key chain charms and kitchen linens they had sewn. I went back at the university the last day. When the last class came in I was pulled out of where I was working with Terri, into another classroom to work on English. That's when I taught a whole class English all by myself. It was so cool! I learned about Vietnam, and taught them English and about Down syndrome!

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Nguyen Van Nam, Viet Nam,
8/25/2014 4:12:24 AM
Hi, my name is Nam. I am a travel agent in Hanoi Vietnam, but honestly, I do not find the contact of the School for students with down sydrome. I have a clients read this story ( and want to go there. Can you please give me the contact or phone of the person in charge. Thank you very much and I am sorry if any inconvenience caused.

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