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My Florida Vacation
Me in Florida
Me in Florida
My Florida Vacation

My name is Kim. I am 39 years old. Last winter I went to Florida with my mom and dad for a long vacation. I spent two whole months in The Villages, Florida and I had a great time. Before we left for our trip, my mom and I spent a lot of time packing clothes to take. My parents drove. It took us 19 hours to get to our house in Florida. We stayed in a motel one night on the way to Florida. I was very excited when we finally got there. It also came with a golf cart that I got to drive. In the house I had my own bedroom, bathroom, closet and a sliding door. First, when we arrived, we unpacked the car and got settled in. I found things to do and friends to be with. Wednesday and Friday I went to Bunco. I won many times then I would treat Mom, Dad and friends to ice cream at the shop at the Village Square. Thursday I would play bocce ball with my new friends. After playing we would go out to eat for lunch. On Saturday I would bowl with some of the same friends. Wednesday I would go to St. Paul Catholic Church for Friends' Club. We would celebrate birthdays, make a craft, had a devotion and had snacks. On Mondays Mom and I would go to Operation Shoebox. We would put baby wipes into Ziploc bags. Then we would stuff cloth bags for the soldiers. We would stuff about 600 every Monday. Other things I did was play shuffleboard, horseshoes, basketball, billiards and swim. Sometimes we would drive the golf cart to shows, concerts, grocery shopping, country clubs to eat and even into the McDonald's drive thru. At the Village Square we would dance to the music. I love to dance. We did some special things. Aunt Marilyn, Mom and I went to a fashion show. They drew tickets and I won a white purse. Then, we went to see a 50's show with lots of music. We ate out with friends one time for my birthday. We went to IHOP for lunch then went to Red Lobster for dinner where I had a special drink. One of my friends, Monica, has a sister with a convertible. I got to ride home in it. I got lots of cards and letters in our mailbox. We were in the Mardi Gras parade with our decorated golf cart. We threw confetti on the people. We wore Mardi Gras T-shirts. Later there was a St.Patrick's Day parade. Some relatives came to visit us: Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry, Aunt Priscilla from California, Aunt Marilyn, Dick and Karen and Ruth (Karen's mom), Aunt Donna and Uncle Chuck and my brother and his family (wife and 4 girls). We had lots of fun. I have many memories and items that remind me of my great time in Florida. I can't wait to go back. Will have fun and see new friends.

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Tony Piontek, United States, LA
12/6/2011 4:40:11 PM
"Hi there, I so happy you spend with your parents and enjoy being with your family. I like where you live in Illinois. I lived in Chicago,IL Take care. "

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