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My Family Vacation
Me at Milner Library
Me at Milner Library
My Family Vacation

I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my dad, and my mom, brother, and sister. It was my favorite vacation because I spent time with my family. I went on attractions in the theme park and I had lots of fun. We took my dad's camper on the way to Florida. It was a long trip but we made it. We went to a dinner show called Jolly Holiday. It has funny characters and lots of singing. It was Christmas themed. I enjoyed it. I went on rides with my dad, brother, and sister. I went on Splash Mountain. We went through a tunnel. It had plastic characters and they were singing. After the tunnel we went down the big drop off and everyone got wet. All of us saw different Disney characters at the theme parks. My family took pictures of me with different Disney characters and we saw Cinderella. I saw April O'Neil at the Magic Kingdom while she was performing a show with her special friends like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the Beach Club Resort Hotel my family saw Chip and Dale. They were walking around meeting everyone. At Epcot center we saw the fireworks show and had fun. I spent this vacation with my whole family. We had a lot of fun. We all shared good times together.

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Maciej Cichocki, Poland,
7/15/2017 10:25:46 AM
Great adventure! Take care bro!

Yappriyanto, Indonesia,
3/23/2017 6:59:54 AM
Nice one,bro!Keep going.

delmy duarte, Honduras,
1/13/2017 7:00:45 PM
You are awesome bro.

Matilda May Thulborn, United States, CA
10/9/2016 4:51:05 AM
you would have had a great time!!!

Walt Disney, United States, KS
4/2/2016 8:29:30 PM
This story is the best

al khalif binn hajji bin talib, Iraq,
9/3/2015 8:35:46 AM
ohhh luv story me want to come to america to visit u so u can tell story for my 14 kids i will come 09/24/15 u amerians are funny

dina raoelison, Madagascar,
4/8/2015 2:46:31 AM
i want to be a member of ndss

aditya, India,
2/2/2015 1:31:56 AM
thanks for story man .. i translate into italian today i write this vacation paragraph in my exam ....hope got full marks.

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